Job in Focus: Technician Drilling and Measurements

The job in itself is defined under the umbrella of petroleum engineering whereas the individual handling such position is expected to master the needed technical skills to note which areas are beast for drilling and what specific requirements are necessary for a particular drilling project to be permitted to push through. Among the great concerns of Technician Drilling and Measurements  personnel include environmental integrity of the projects they handle while also carrying into consideration the power of the community as a driving force that could affect the manner by which the project is to push through.

PART 1: Organizational Fitting

            Technician Drilling and Measurements personnel are under the governance of the Engineering departments and they are usually responding to assist the sales representatives and the departments directly handling customer-relations operations. They work hand in hand with the Drilling Engineers as assistant personnel especially focused on the measurement of the areas that are specifically considered as the target location for the drilling projects. This way, it could be said that the integrity of a particular project relies on the capacity of the Technician Drilling and Measurements personnel to handle their task with full control and accuracy.

PART 2: Job Expectations

            Technician Drilling and Measurements personnel are expected to handle extensive improvement operations for the sake of developing the performance of their team members especially in handling projects that they are presented with. Managers expect them to provide extensive technical data regarding the development of particular projects that the company is to undergo. Being specific in their reports and all, Technician Drilling and Measurements personnel are expected to provide workable information that could be used by the administrators and the sales representatives in convincing clients to close deals and projects with them. They basically work hand in hand with the drilling engineers giving them workable information that they could use to make sure that the project are properly managed and directed for better assumption of the final result of the project’s completion.

PART 3: Job Competencies

            There are currently three aspects of competencies that Drilling Engineers are expected to incur in relation to the tasks that they are assigned with.

  • Geological and environmental knowledge in relation to their role as Technician Drilling and Measurements personnel: This particular competency allows the said engineers to decide properly on what locations are available for development and exploration in relation to drilling projects. Their knowledge on such matter allows the clients to know on what specific locations they could actually invest their money on and gain respective profits as desired. Their environmental understanding of their role gives them an edge in giving proper advice that would not only provide good profiting options for the investors but also good options for the environment in relation to how it is to be protected in line with the assumption of the project’s completion.
  • Budget and financial management competencies: A part of the responsibilities of an engineer includes the need to know how much is to be used for a particular project. It is important for drilling engineers to find better options of financing the projects that are presented to them for completion. This would allow their company to have an edge in gaining the consideration and approval of more clients who are interested in getting their services.
  • Specific skills on high tech tools used for drilling as well as manually defined operated machines: When it comes to measuring the area location for the drilling, it is assumed essential that the skills needed for the Technician Drilling and Measurements personnel include proper training in handling modern technology dedicated to making their operations more reliable and definitely effective in designing the needed data to make sure that the project is handled with proper direction of the equipments used for its completion.

PART 4: Competency Matrix for Training and Evaluation

  Issues Operator Activities Liked to Safe and Productive Operation
  Selection of Equipments It is important that the equipments are chosen beforehand. It could be realized that because of this condition, it would be easier for the company to convince clients that they are competent in handling the tasks that are to be assigned to them in each project.
  Defining tasks involved in the project and choosing the right people for specific tasks included in the work The pre-planning process involves the right selection of people who have the right competencies for each duty noted in the project.
Job Planning Choice of Equipments

·        Safety Considerations

·        Accuracy of chosen equipments for the tasks needed to be completed


The actual job planning involves the condition by which the engineer would choose specific equipments from the line of equipments the company already maintains. This would allow the chance for the engineer to note if there are necessary add-on equipments that might be needed for the specific project that the company might need to invest in.
  Establishing the Schedule of Tasks for each team member The creation task lists for each team member could be handled through creating Gantt Charts that would indicate who needs to do what and when each should task should be completed accordingly.
  Safety training and assurance Once the team members are chosen, they should be briefed as to what safety measures they should be aware of especially in relation to the condition of operation that are to be handled during the actual completion process of the project.
Preparation Inspection of equipment Exploring the equipments capacity to handle the work at hand is essential in assuring the safety of the people and time accuracy of the project’s completion to be successful.
  Assuring Work Zone Safety Looking for safety conditions and protective gears to be used should be carried into consideration.
  Assuring task clarity between members of the team Assuring that the members know what their tasks are is essential in assuring the completion of project to be finished on time.
Operation Enforcement of schedule defined tasks Making sure that each member of the team responds to the duty they are accounted for is an essential part of the project’s completion.
  Assuring ergonomic conditions of the work area while also considering the safety measures assumed for the members of the team to take into account Ergonomic positions and work areas are supposed to provide better work environments and better working conditions for the team members involved in the project.
  Handling high risk conditions of the project and making necessary resolutions as needed Being prepared in facing particular risks of the project is essential in making sure that unforeseen occurrences would be well managed and thus would not jeopardize the completion and the quality of the project.

PART 5: Lessons learned from the Interview

            It was learned from the interview that individuals noted as Technician Drilling and Measurements personnel are required to handle specific technical skills that are dedicated to making sure that the measurements of the area locations where drillings are to be specified especially in relation to the manner by which the projects are to be directed for completion. Their role in the process of drilling engineering is vital as it specifically makes a distinct impact on the identity of the project and the integrity of the final results hoped to contained in the end.


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