Kozol Article Review


In the article “Preparing Minds for Markets” by Kozol, the author makes a valiant effort to establish his own credibility with the circumstances and real-life situations which are described in the text. From the reader’s perspective, the article supports the author’s vision and purpose in exploring schools as primary influences on student learning and perceptions of themselves as future workers, even if these influences are not necessarily favorable. These elements are explored and clarified in such a way that the article is believable and has real credibility with respect to modern education. The author’s knowledge of the subject matter and his experiences in education lend to his credibility regarding this topic.


Kozol’s approach is to provide many examples throughout the story which are familiar in nature to the average person and convey a sense of identity with the subject matter. The article is descriptive and offers a depiction of the types of challenges students face when their teachers attempt to understand how their lives might be in the working world. The ironic nature of this premise is that many children are not interested in looking that far ahead into the future; rather, they enjoy the present and what might occur in the near future. The author establishes his credibility with the subject matter and his insight into how schools perceive students and prepare them for futures in the workplace.


The author attempts to convey the reality that the world is frightening enough in and of itself for young children, so forward thinking far into the future is not an ideal situation. The author demonstrates his credibility through many examples which support the difficult nature of today’s schools and the lives of children in a complex and multifaceted society. His credibility should not be questioned because he is knowledgeable of the subject and how schools influence students in different ways, both positive and negative.

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