Human resources refers to individuals who work in a company and what they add using their skills, knowledge and competence. Managing people is not an easy task; it calls for making plans and deciding on ways/strategies to apply so as to make people perform. This then leads the company attaining its goals.

Effective human resource management is of significant; people and their intelligence are an important factor of knowledge based economy. Well performing company are the main aspects of economic growth in the global economy. Appropriate leadership style plays an important role in enhancing motivation and job satisfaction among employees. Leadership function to provide satisfaction, Brilliant leader understands the needs of others and advices them to act in a certain way; pleasant manner. Leaders enable their workers realize that the only path to success and satisfaction is good behavior. Leadership cannot sail without the motivation of the follower’s side.

Hersey and Blanchard situational leadership theory are based on the idea of good leadership style. It points out that good leadership lies on readiness and maturity of workers. Maturity here does not only mean age, but it accommodates workers ability and willingness to work. Maturity of the worker is based on psychological and job maturity. Psychological can be termed as motivational borne by the workers to perform a given task. When we talk of job maturity it is the ability, experience and knowledge of the worker to act upon a given task without being supervised.

Hersey and Blanchard model have two sides. One side there is task behavior while the other side relationship behavior. Task behavior factors the leaders task on work, for instance he/she is responsible to tell workers what they are required to do, the time they should perform the task and how they should do it. Relationship behavior indicates the support the leader offer to their employee, ability to listen to their idea and concern that he/she has upon them.