Learning Goals Chart


General challenges to address Specific areas of greatest challenge Goals to address those challenges Specific prescriptive strategies
Communication and teamwork



1.       Development of self-awareness and  identifying strengths and weaknesses.

2.       Conflicts experienced with other members of the class that may compromise project output

3.       Dysfunctional communication processes that contributes to misunderstandings with other classmates

By the end of the semester, I will use specific strategies to address communication barriers and foster teamwork as evidenced by identifying personal strengths and weaknesses and by maintaining harmonious relationships with other students. as depicted by respect and positive regard 1.       Identify personal behavior style  by undertaking personal assessment and engaging in courses dedicated to personality development

2.       Develop emotional awareness

3.       Establish open communication

4.       Identify sources of conflict

5.       Managing conflict

6.       Defining clear roles and responsibilities within groups

7.       Engage in collaboration and joint decision-making in groupworks.

Time Management 1.       Procrastination

2.       Defining clear goals and priorities

3.       Lack of planning and organization

4.       Staying on top of schoolwork and meeting deadlines


At the beginning of the semester, I will employ strategies to manage my time as evidenced by establishment of priorities and goals, utilization of a checklist and achieving at least a grade of B on my school projects.



1.       Write down activities or upcoming projects  using a simple calendar to gain a bird’s eye view of the upcoming tasks

2.       Identify goals and priorities for the week and write it down.

3.       Make a weekly to-do-list  based on defined priorities

4.       Review priorities on a daily basis

5.       Establish a routine consisting of 1 hour a day that is devoted to schoolwork

6.       Schedule time for personal needs and recreation