Life creation process

  • My highest priority goal over my personal growth is to achieve a high-class certification on resolving psychological matters in my life and the life of others. I desire to transform the society that I come from in different perspectives as derived by the course materials. During the class time, I would like to be an agent of change, and translate this change into the society and all the people therein.

  • In order to accomplish my goal, I have a number of transformational strategies that are related to the goal. Focus will be on conceptualizing the ideas leant in class. After conceptualizing the ideas and facts, it will be beneficial to make the ideas comparative among my immediate members. Thereafter, the transformational features gained within the class will guide me in teaching, influencing, and transforming the society members. Nonetheless, my contribution will be successful with aspects of hard work and determinations. With such steps, I will be able to attain my ideal life in and out of class.

Steps taken to accomplish the goal:

  • Registering and preparing for the course content
  • Setting up small groups within my society in order to capture their interests
  • Assembling different views and ideas of change from the society members
  • Setting high standards of performance without
  • Linking my family and friends to the objectives and goals over my course

Steps needed to accomplish the goal:

  • Innate conceptualization of ideas and knowledge within the course content
  • Fitting in groups with class members
  • Offering seminarian teachings to the society members
  • Distributing resource materials on the objective
  • Setting up a project to transform the society
  • To be proactive means to be ready and available to involve in all the activities and procedures that will make my dream and the dream of the class achievable. Proactive aspect comes with personal participation and engagement within a course of action. According to Bach (1970), being proactive means taking up the responsibility at hand foster equitable assistance to a pending issue in the society. The practical examples and approaches used by people are proactive agents of change. Moreover, the acceptance to be part of change and foster every mechanism that brings change in the society is an element of proactive goals that define what it means to be proactive.
  • There are several instances where I have been proactive. During the recent social activity on educating citizens about the importance of appreciating technology in the society, I demonstrated a number of technological applications with Internet and computer application software in carrying out business activities. Moreover, I educated members on how to involve the use of the social media like Facebook and Fwitter in their daily communication with clients. Being proactive is essential when establishing a foundation over a knowledge or skill among a group of people. Even in class, it is necessary to be proactive and demonstrate aspects as they are.
  • One of the tasks needed to be proactive is influencing the society to accept the facts at hand. The task will involve my innate participate in demonstrating every activity, explaining the theories, and laying out foundations that will depict comparative exemplification of the ideas at hand. The society does not have any concept as relates to what I will be teaching and expecting them to yield in their activities. The aspect of collecting personal attention and fixing them in unison is a hard task. Nonetheless, practical activities and use of examples of the people who have benefited from psychological teachings and how to counter challenges in life will offer rudimentary measures to attaining the goals at hand.


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