Linking literacy to technology (discussion week 9)

This week, I visited the Tech & Learning site, and the Innovative Educator site where I read two helpful, informative, and quite original articles about the ways Wikis and text messaging can be used by educators for the sake of expanding the range of educational outreach, opportunities, and modes of cooperation and communication among all stakeholders, i.e., the educational staff, students, and parents. The ideas voiced in both articles were quite innovative, and it was pleasant for me to have this sort of a discovery. Nowadays practically all people understand that the future of education, as well as many other activities, is in technology. However, only few of them are ready to open their minds, and to utilize those tools available for them nowadays.

Wikis were discussed not only as a collaborative tool that can enhance collaboration of both teachers and students; they were offered as an optimal toolkit for the simplification of many education-related areas such as curriculum planning, professional development, and information sharing. It is now obvious that not only the teacher and students can benefit from using a wiki for collaboration, access to materials, etc. The overall school community can save time, money (for paper in particular) in the form of digitizing the majority of tiring, time- and effort-consuming activities such as meetings, project planning, document creation, and course creation. Therefore, I found much useful in the article, and I consider this fresh approach as a highly positive change in any modern educational system.

Speaking about the Innovative Educator site, I want to admit that text messaging has never seemed so multi-functional and empowering to me. I have heard about some text message services helping people without the direct access to a computer; however, I have never heard about such functions as SMS Google, or the benefits of Tweeting by means of using a phone. Indeed, I now feel that even having no computer at hand, an individual can access the vast body of knowledge provided by the global community and Internet sources. In addition, the text messaging system of announcements in schools is also a step forward, since all educators know how tiring it is to listen to irrelevant announcements, spending the lesson time for nothing. Hence, I do believe that this article can be of considerable help not only for teachers, but for principles and educational policymakers as well.



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