Management issues of the Alibaba Company (PPT)

Management issues of the Alibaba Company

Management issues


Ethical dilemmas are evident in the Alibaba Company. It is pertinent for the company to balance the freedom as well as privacy of the workers. At the same time, the standards necessary for the technology use in the company should be maintained, this is pertinent for the legitimate purpose of the business. Further, the business should introduce new and competitive products on the global market since the opportunity is available.

Transparency in the Alibaba

It is vital for the Alibaba business to portray the openness when it comes to accounting issues. This management issues will include the accuracy, honesty as well as complete transparency. It is pertinent to include marketing and communicating messages so that openness on the interpretation may clearly represent the company’s intentions and its messages as well.

Fare working conditions

Notable, another alarming issue in the Alibaba Company is fare-working conditions. Precisely, the above means that the employee should be awarded a higher cost of labor and resource utilization. The above will definitely improve the fare work place. Further more, it is essential for the management team to provide nondiscriminatory working environment, this will automatically involve costs for training and diversity management process.


Customers are great determinant for the success of the business. Since alibaba is an online company, it is important that the management department to study the potential of their customers or clients. Fortunately, it has a large market place of B2B; this attracts buyers since the company has a good growth opportunity and that every buyer will need to expand his or her territory.


Most importantly for any company to be approachable by many people, it is vital to emphasis the friendly environment. Being an online company, Alibaba should embrace the friendly environment even though they will be required to make tough decisions regarding individuals in there team to enhance security.