“Maria Full of Grace” Alternate Ending

“I need to get away from these two–separate myself…” Lucy thought, as she watched her cohort being dragged away. “They really believe I am poisoned–the perfect escape–slip out unnoticed at night, while I’m expected to die…”

Maria looked at Bianca, and then to Lucy. The ruse was working; they were concerned about her. “As long as they don’t find out about the money, I am in the clear!”

What the other mules did not know was Lucy, having made two successful and productive trips previously, was also entrusted with delivering the money–they money that she learned from previous excursions would be used to pay the mules themselves.

Trust, and getting the job, was no easy feat…she felt disgusting at night sometimes–it was for a new start. It was all for a new start; $5,000 each for four mules was enough for her to disappear. As she relished in the thought, she noticed the gaze of her counterparts, whom she had allowed to overtake her by at least ten feet.     “Separation…” she thought to herself. The restroom sign was approaching quickly, and she needed to make a quick decision.

“I need…I need water…the bathroom…” she told her unaware counterparts.

“Let me help you!” Bianca exclaimed, clearly buying into Lucy’s fake poisoning. Lucy knew the symptoms well–she had witnessed it firsthand on her first journey.

“No…trust me…keep watch outside. They will fix me in the van…just water,” said Lucy. They bought it.

Lucy slipped into the bathroom, and immediately begun to pull a shawl, scarf, hat, and spare shirt out of her bag–the bag with her money. Quickly changing her appearance, the reflection from the gleaming tiles told her when to slip away from her unaware partners.

As Lucy emerged from the airport she glanced at the envelope with the money in her bag, and thought about the heroin she would probably just flush later.

Breathing deeply, she emerged into the American dream, fueled with Darwinism.