Mental Health Personal Statement

Our life experiences have a profound impact on our worldview and future aspirations. My family and professional experiences as well as interaction with people from diverse backgrounds has significantly expanded my thinking horizon and has also made me more passionate about social issues. I cannot begin to imagine the good fortune I have enjoyed but not everyone is as lucky as me. This is why I do not want to pursue a particular career just because it will secure my financial future but also because it will enable me to make difference in others’ lives and make this world a better place to live.

Even though I am now a full-time student and have also been working for the same company for over 7 years now, I still live with my mother because she has been through a lot in her life and there is no one else who could take care of her. She suffers from a brain tumor in the pituitary gland, aneurism, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, and hip replacement. Even though it often becomes quite difficult to manage full-time academic workload, full-time job, and taking care of my mother, I also realize my struggles pale in comparison to what my mother has been going through and what many other people go through. These experiences have made me more compassionate and sensitive to the struggles other people go through. I am now pursuing my undergraduate degree in psychology which, in addition to social interactions, has greatly improved my understanding of human behavior. This is why I have decided to pursue my graduate degree in mental health counseling so that I could use my knowledge and skills to help some of the most vulnerable members of the society.

My cumulative undergraduate GPA to date is 4.0 which demonstrate my commitment to excellence in everything I do. Similarly, I have been working for the same company for about 7 years and my work responsibilities are mostly related to Accounting. In addition to academics, I am also actively involved with campus co-curricular activities as well as off campus non-profit organizations including Susan G. Komen Foundation. My academic, professional, and volunteer experiences are also guided by the belief that if we commit to something, we should give in everything to it. In addition, I also believe that if we want to see some changes in the world, we should not wait for others to come ahead but instead take the initiative. This is why I plan to explore media psychology and forensic psychology because I believe that society is still doing a poor job of understanding the issues and challenges faced by individuals with mental issues. I eventually hope to have my own private practice as a therapist and my practice will be particularly focused on individuals from poor economic backgrounds who do not only need access to quality services but also education and guidance.

Graduate school is one of the most significant investments in one’s career and I wanted to make sure I choose a program which will not only provide me quality education but will also enable me to interact with talented classmates as well as interact with industry leaders. I also visit college campuses as part of my research and am convinced that Nova Southeastern University is the best fit to my academic objectives and career goals. I believe I will be a valuable addition to the program due to my unique personal, professional, and academic background and will help enhance the learning experiences of other students as well. I also hope to be an effective ambassador of the university in the real world.