Mission Statement for Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Guitar building is an ongoing process of discovery. We are devoted to the guitar’s rich heritage while committed to new technologies that will enrich our products with uncompromised tone, playability and beauty. Our success depends on our ability to listen, implement positive change and continually refine our craft.”

The mission statement for Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars is well crafted because it presents a clear and concise message about the company, products, and consumers. The statement starts by introducing the role of the company as guitar builders, and expands upon the principles that make PRS guitars appealing, like devotion to the instrument’s history, openness to advancements in technology, easy playing, striking aesthetics, and continual skills refinement. These components comprise a mission statement that conveys the actual benefits associated with the brand, as PRS guitars are well known for their top-notch quality.

While the mission statement does not explicitly state the identity of its target market, it can be easily implied that guitars made by PRS are intended for high-end users who are likely to recognize the importance of the company’s approach to instrument building. The statement is arranged in a manner that would allow this inference by target customers, while avoiding the alienation of other potential buyers. Quality is more important to highly skilled players or those with expensive tastes, but the characteristic is not completely overlooked by less experienced guitarists. Accordingly, the statement should draw the interest of a variety of consumers. PRS takes advantage of this expanded appeal by offering a small number of intermediate instruments along with their many high-priced custom creations. This mission statement appears to be complete and contains elements that would otherwise require additional statements (positioning, service, etc.) to communicate given a less informative strategy.