My educational and professional goals, short and long term, and how earning the doctor of nursing practice will help reach these goals.

Nursing became my passion while I was still a little girl in Jamaica. I remember pretending to be a “nurse” even as a 4-5 years old child.  I loved helping my great grandparents who were blind as well as learning about the anatomy and physiology of animals. A farmer by profession, my grandmother used to deliver babies in the community despite having no formal education in healthcare. In addition, she would also care for the sick and administer them traditional medicine. She was the perfect example of compassion, commitment, dedication, and authenticity while performing her duties. The respect and pleasure she got from helping others also inspired me to walk in her footsteps. I realize the demands of the nursing profession and believe one can only be a nurse if he/she is intrinsically motivated, has a good character, and possess strong social and communication skills. These skills and personality traits help the nurses develop strong interpersonal relationship with their patients and serve their needs in the best possible manner.

Short Term Professional and Educational Goals

My short term goal is to enroll in and successfully complete the psychiatric mental health program (BSN-DNP). In addition, I would like to work for a healthcare facility that will not only allow me to advance my professional skills and knowledge but also develop soft skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork.

Long Term Professional and Educational Goals

Mental health is an important component of overall wellbeing which is why one of my major goals is to increase the awareness of mental illness, particularly in children. I will work towards reducing the negative social stigma associated with mental health issues as well as improve the treatment options for psychiatric disorders. I will undertake research projects to identify and tackle clinical and political issues that prevent effective diagnosis and treatment of mental illness among children. I would also encourage my colleagues to think outside the box and pursue evidence- based treatment practices.

The nursing profession continues to evolve and more and more challenges are emerging due to factors such as aging population, globalization, and technological advancements. This is why I aim to pursue DNP to further advance my knowledge as well as professional competency. Advanced academic credentials will also expand networking and research opportunities for me including close collaborations with some of the finest physicians in the field. I will also be able to interact with smart fellow students with diverse experiences and further expand my thinking horizon. In addition, DNP will also help me further develop my leadership and communication skills and inspire fellow healthcare professionals to be the best they are capable of.

I also plan to use my position to advocate better insurance policies for the patients because I believe that existing insurance policies do not adequately cover some of the most vulnerable members of our communities including children, elderly, and underserved. I hope to persuade insurance companies to give more flexibility to patients regarding inpatient and outpatient treatment.  . Becoming a DNP will also give me more influence in the communities and I plan to use my reputation to educate the public and persuade them to take control of their mental wellbeing.

Another benefit of DNP will be that it will introduce me to the latest ideas in the field of nursing and give me the knowledge to design better treatment plans for the patients. Having experiences in both developed and developing societies provides me with unique insight and will allow me to educate my fellow nurses on cross-cultural issues and improve care of patients from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I realize this program will demand huge commitment from me in terms of time and effort but I am excited to take on the challenge and prove myself. My 14 years of psychiatric nursing and volunteer experiences have helped me better understand my real potential and I am confident of completing the program with strong grades.