Narrative essay

The summer of millennium dawn is one of those times I cannot forget. It was my 5th birthday and my family decided to give me a surprise gift- a visit to Australia. Having coincided with the dawn of millennium, my family had a reason why we had to spend the summer far from home. I blatantly remember the day of travelling. The anxiety was so much that handling it became a monumental task. Personally, I have never been to Australia leave alone boarding an airplane. I had double reason as to why I was excited going for the trip. In fact, I could not wait for the night to the traveling day end. I remember, clearly, waking up three times, tiptoeing to the window to check if dawn had come. It was a sleepless night that kept me awake fantasizing on how the trip to Australia will be. If there was any minute of eye-closing, then all I did was find myself dreaming being in Australia. This is one trip I could not wait to go.

Being in class 2, I had read some books about the beauty of Australia. It was one of those destinations that many people long to visit. Having got the chance, I was delighted and felt like I was dreaming. Ever since my dad mentioned that my birthday celebration was to be in Australia, my life literary changed. I consistently bothered my mother to tell me more about Australia. She told me about the Sydney Opera House. She told me that it was one of the most recognizable landmarks in Australia.  She took time to explain that this was a unique house built with sail-like arches that make it stand out. From what mother told me, I came to know that this unique building was opened by Queen Elizabeth II. This gave me more reason why the trip should fast approach. If I had power, I could have forwarded the calendar! I also took the initiative of looking at the pictures of this architectural marvel. It gave me more anxiety.

Australian War Memorial is another place that my mother told me is a must visit. She explained that this was a museum or rather a memorial park for the soldiers who died fighting for the freedom of this country. It is a museum of its own in the whole world. My mother told me that it is located right in the capital city so accessing it during our tour will be easy. Well, that was all my mother told me in preparation for the trip. Back at my elementary school, I was so happy that I could not hide joy. I told all my friends how I will celebrate my birthday in Australia. Some of them were jealous while others were happy for me.

As the saying goes patience pays, the crucial day finally came. It dawned bright like a star. Birds were twittering on the trees, butterflies were flying all over and our dogs were barking, a clear indication that everything was right. As I wake up, the sun beamed upon my face, I gazed at a cloudless sky that was blue, and the air was crisp. This was a perfect weather for the journey. It was a day that could make anyone wish to live off its beauty forever. I was the first one to wake up in the family. I rushed to my parents’ bedroom shouting, “Mum mum it is morning. We are getting late, please wake up.” On hearing this, my mother said, “We are coming, keep preparing.” I rushed to the bathroom and took a cold shower. Normally, I am used to a warm shower, but this day I found myself under a cold morning shower. The tap water was freezing, but I had no time to switch on a hot water switch. All that occupied my mind was boarding an airplane to Australia.

By the time I finished showering, mother and father had woken. They prepared breakfast, and after sharing it, the journey started. It was a smooth sail to Australia. When we arrived, the celebration started immediately. There was no time to waste since we had three days. We toured a number of places but the destination that caught my attention the most was Australian War Memorial. Being a Chinese, I came to learn that this destination has immense significance to our country. There were attendants who took us round the museum. What shocked me most were the preserved remains of soldiers. At one point, I screamed, “Shit!” This is something that came out of my mouth unconsciously. I can say it was such an embarrassing moment since everyone around looked at me with shock. My mother and father were in disbelieve that I had used that naughty word. I tried to cover myself from the shame, but all was in vain. My mother was raged with anger that she held me by the ears. Had it not been for the attendant I could have suffered bruises on the ears as my mother pinched me so hard.

This is one day that forever will remain in my memory. At a young age, I found myself being the laughing stock of the society. At the end of the day, at our hotel room, there were a lot of quarrels from my parents. They kept telling me how I had embarrassed them, and I deserved a big punishment. How I wished that night to run out fast so that we return home. This was a trip that I enjoyed at the start but after the happening at the museum everything changed for the worse. I became the victim of circumstance. I became the topic of discussion not only among the people at the museum but even in my family. My parents who had accorded me respect now saw me as a bad boy. I came to know this on our return journey. Unlike when we were going, our return trip was full of sadness. My parents were moody, and there was no talking till we landed our motherland. I learnt a lesson and ever since then I have never uttered a single naughty word. However, to me this was a highly memorable trip that I will always remember. Despite the mistake, I made at the museum still I cherish each and every destination we toured. I had a chance to meet new people and tour places that I have never been before. When I told my friends, at school, how Australia looks like, they all developed interests of visiting it one day. What a trip!