Network security

Advice for password protection on Desktop PC

Passwords are vital in protecting documents. To ensure that information is safe and your password is not interfered with a person needs to change it regularly such as after every three months. It is also not advisable to reuse old passwords as someone may have a link to it. To avoid password recognition a person should keep it as a secret. Passwords should not be filed into personal computers or sent via e-mail to colleagues. In cases where a person must allow his friends or colleagues to access his password, it is advisable to create a temporary password for them and later change it. Some cases require ongoing access, which might lead to the creation of a separate account.

It is also risky to use passwords composed of sequences with both letters and numbers in the composition of the password. Employing identical passwords for different sites is also unethical because it provides insight and interfere with the other sites and personal documents for example an individual’s bank account. Allowing auto remembering of passwords in computers is also a risky act since sig-ins should be a secret and under a person’s password. Placing of passwords on a friend’s computer is another unadvisable act because a person might not know the type of spyware that might be installed in that machine. It is also decent to shun away from entering a password in any web page a person accesses via e-mail.

Most passwords are normally a nuisance to the users. Therefore, to avoid these inconveniences, a person may choose to use simple passwords for non-private information such as passwords that enable receiving news via the mobile phone. In sites that hold highly classified documents, passwords generated by a truly random process might be required. The importance of using different passwords for important sites is that when one password is compromised the other is not affected

Most people get other user’s passwords by either stealing or guessing.  A hacker might access a network for as long as the password is still valid. Nevertheless, if the owner has to update the password regularly, that expressively limits the usefulness of that password to the assailant. An attacker who gets personal bank passwords will definitely transfer money from the owner’s account without being noticed. In such a situation, changing passwords regularly may not help, because the person needs to change it immediately after the fraud occurs.

Meaning of FRRs  

Fingerprint scanning is an important activity that aims at improving reports, covering developments, health and medical procedures. This phenomenon assists the readers in preparing for opportunities and challenges beyond. At the outset, this activity helps neuroscientists to predict what a person will do before engaging in certain activities like gasping. This is eminent because there is frequent supply of blood or rather intense blood flow to specific areas of the brain. Therefore, regular studying of the blood-flow gives the researcher a clear idea of what a person has in mind. The current technology provides users with passwords pin and smartcards token. These are not convenient systems because people are biometric. Biometric systems are more convenient as they provide an aspect that people have rather than what is known meaning a person only needs to bring his or her body.

Fingerprints are more convenient to use because even identical twins lack similar prints. This makes it very difficult to have fraudulent cases unlike cards and tokens which can easily have compromises. Biometric systems are also portable and only require the physical presence of an individual. The scanning devices have also become quite affordable and minute thus, people find them convenient to use. This system has also reduced cases of theft because initially, cards were stolen and used by unauthorized people in different institutions. However, the use of fingerprints has plummeted such cases considerably.

Although people have tried to fake their fingerprints, relevant authorities have eventually caught up with them. This has prompted the enhancement of security and police services. This system has also assisted many countries to keep records of their citizens especially during election times, as every voter’s fingerprints must be scanned in the computers before voting. This phenomenon prevents irregularities and lessens cases of rigging as because an individual cannot vote twice since there is detection of fingerprints.

Password cracking methods and Critique

Long and complex passwords are difficult to crack and open even with super computers. Advanced office password breaker (AOPB) is able to open files in any case. It is an efficient method for opening files regardless of the complexity of password. It is a guarantee for AOPB to open a file within weeks and in case a person is using a supercomputer with 32CPUs, he can read his files within hours. AOPB occurs in 3 ways depending on how many CPU, a machine is using.

Centralizing authentication and authorization (List of technologies)

The term directory is an essential part of network management. They offer network architects a chance to build repositories about network such as workstations that are available for use by many applications. The purpose of directories is to store information about people or unit codes. There is confusion between directories and database since both are used for storing information. Directories are read frequently than they are updated hence it is difficult to replicate them. They are less complex compared to database cause they do not require to support complex language like SQL. Moreover, directories are very flexible for any application to read the information stored inside them.

List of six identities

Authentication is how a person, server or app proves that it is what it says it is. This is achieved by presenting a unique feature or something that is familiar. Authentication is made more convenient and efficient by some means of identification. This verifies that the means of communication is the same as the one communicated the last time. OS X authenticates the user through various technologies. These technologies include KDC that is built in OSX server. A password can be securely stored in the server or a password stored directly to the user account. The three common ways for OSX to identify a user are through shared secrets, combination of public key cryptograph with certificates or Kerberos tickets.