New England paper proposal

The literary tradition of the United States is filled with the works of authors from around the nation. If one region in particular was to be singled out as producing the greatest number of talented writers, however, it would have to be the area known as New England. The six states that comprise this region were among the first territories established by settlers from Britain; as such, the historical roots of the United States are firmly planted in this area. The list of author’s names associated with New England is seemingly endless: Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott, Melville, Longfellow, and Hawthorne; these are just some of the many writers who were either natives of New England or who composed some of their greatest works in the region. Although the stories and books written by these and other authors from the New England area are, of course, all different from each other, there often seems to be a notable thematic sensibility that is unique to the writers from this region of the United States. This paper will examine the works of several notable writers from New England with an eye towards discussing the thematic content and subject matter that they often have in common.


This paper will examine some of the themes and subjects covered by both classic and contemporary authors from New England with an eye towards uncocering some of these common threads