Creative Writing

Nick Wooster

As a stylist who merges the  classic, restrained look with the wild and unpredictable, Nick Wooster is simultaneously an innovator and a tasteful conservative. He is probably best described as a pioneer in street-style for men. His fashion sense is at once carefully coordinated toward symmetry and chaos. It seems that Wooster is always pushing the envelope as far as possible.  His aesthetic matches his personal life in that he is brave, colorful, playful and one-hundred percent correct even in his most audacious gambles. The best way tod escribe the impact that Nick Wooster has had on fashion is to say that he has liberated the expressive side of male fashion while remaining rooted in masculinity.

As the fashion director for Neiman Marcus and as the creative director of JC Penny, Wooster has held an enormously powerful and pragmatic influence over men’s fashion. far from simply experimenting with new combinations and ideas, Wooster’s radical ideas about fashion have become touchstones for mass-marketed clothes. His shows sustained taste in exotic combinations: for example, wearing of combat boots with a three piece pinstripe suit and vest. he is fearless in contrasting fine silk shorts with his full-body tattoos.

It’s no exaggeration to suggest that Wooster might be one of the most important fashion icons in men’s style over the past two decades. His restless imagination and strong convictions have earned nothing short of a popular capitulation to his sense of style. The fact is, as influential as Wooster has been on fashion and the mass marketing of men’s street-style, his influence has not yet reached its peak. The coming years will see a further evolution in popular fashion that must count Wooster as its origin. In this sense, Wooster has been both a trend-setter and a visionary. The most crucial contribution that he has so far made to men’s fashion is the restoration of a strong masculine identity that co-exists with the freedom to self-express in color and pattern, as well as in combining surprising elements of clothing into unique outfits.