Nursing Admission

Why are you pursuing a career as a nurse?

I would like to pursue a career in Nursing as I have a very high regard for this profession. I have always looked up to nurses and I respect the work that they do: caring for the sick and the promotion of health and wellness. Since my early teenage years, I have always held an interest for the field of health and medicine although I still wasn’t sure what course to take then. There were many medical-related courses and I remember feeling confused and indecisive about which to take, constantly examining and re-examining my options. Back then, nursing was not even included in my options. Perhaps a driving factor for my decision to pursue Nursing is when my grandfather had a serious stroke. It was a difficult time for everyone in my family, particularly when he was hospitalized. I remember that we were all scared and praying for his recovery amidst the bleep of the machines in the hospital.  I remember that the nurses who took care of him were very helpful, not just in caring for my grandfather but also towards us. They were very professional and I was just amazed at the skills and knowledge they posses. They took the time to explain what was going on and would answer our questions. Eventually, after almost a month in the hospital, my grandfather was able to go home and because hiring someone to assist him is expensive, the whole family pitched in to assist him in his daily needs. Since then, I have realized that Nursing is what I would like to pursue as a career. I started to volunteer and engage in activities that would help me prepare in becoming a nurse, such as caring for the elderly. I always feel good whenever I am able to help other people. I believe it is these two aspects of Nursing: the medical side and the caring role that have greatly influenced me to pursue a career to become one.

What makes you capable of being a nurse?

I believe that it takes a certain degree of intelligence as a nurse as Nurses are responsible in health maintenance and prevention of diseases. My previous academic records can prove that I dedicate myself to my studies and that I have the drive and motivation to succeed academically. However, I also believe that it takes more than skill and intelligence to become a nurse. Caring has been at the core of the nursing profession and I believe that I possess the compassion, and genuine concern to be of help to others.   My experience of caring for my grandfather has allowed me to develop a sense of compassion for people and families who are in the same situation.  I have worked as volunteer in caring for individuals in the community, particularly the elderly and the sick., and these has only served to strengthen my desire to become a nurse and help other people. These experiences, I believe, has somewhat prepared me to handle the immense responsibilities attached to helping patients and their families. Similarly, it has given me a small insight on caring for other people. Furthermore, I have the dedication and commitment to pursue my goals. I am definitely determined to do my best and to keep persevering until I reach my goals. Since I was a child, my parents have instilled the value of education and they always encourage us to do our best and go beyond expectations. My positive approach towards life has always allowed me to look at things differently and have helped me in overcoming whatever trials come my way. I am undaunted by failure or trials as I see trials as something that would help me become better. I believe that this attitude is essential in becoming a Nurse as there will be roadblocks along the way.  I also have a strong sense of self-discipline, imbued to me by my parents since I was a child, allowing me to relentlessly pursue my ambition.

Explain how you will commit to the demands and responsibilities of a nursing program?

I know that a nursing program requires a certain degree of commitment and a lot of responsibilities. I have heard stories from acquaintances about the rigors and demand associated in getting a degree in Nursing. To be able to meet the demands and responsibilities related to a nursing program, I have drawn an action plan that will allow me to efficiently manage my time. I believe that drawing an action plan will aid me in ultimately reaching my goals and ambition. I plan to dedicate a major portion of my time for my studies as I want to be one of the top-performing students academically. It is my belief that a portion of each day should be dedicated to my schoolwork so that I can adequately prepare for the mental demands of a nursing program. I know that the lure of social functions and similar activities remain constant but I certainly have the discipline to apply myself to my studies wholeheartedly and to take on challenges that may come my way. I believe that prioritization is essential in achieving tasks or goals and I plan to make finishing the nursing program as my first priority. Similarly, balance is also critical in order to achieve the best outputs so I believe that engaging in activities other than academics will allow me to become a well-rounded individual.  I still plan to continue doing volunteer work, particularly in hospitals or nursing homes as this will enhance my understanding of the role of Nurses. Furthermore, I also consider myself physically and emotionally prepared to handle the rigors and pressures related to undertaking this nursing program. I believe that I am at the best position to gain new knowledge and my mind is always open to innovative ways and being able to understand different perspectives.