Overcoming Obstacles

A Turn of Events

My early experiences in life led me to adopt a motivated mindset to overcome daunting obstacles and achieve my goals. If there is anything I have learned to realize about the reality of life is that, ‘nothing is naturally that easy to accomplish’. Through the years of struggling to achieve my dream of becoming the first one in the family to finish a college degree, I found out that nothing is free in this world and every single matter that gives one a sense of achievement should be handled with proper application of effort and hard work.

Everything was going smoothly. My mother had her job and was able to put me in school thus providing me the education that I need to achieve my dreams. I thought then that everything would remain as ‘easy’ as it seems. However, everything changed one my single mother came in the house one night looking drenched and powerless. She lost her job. She looked at me with no words, but it was as if I can hear her say “how can I support you now?”  I was speechless, all I could do was try to figure out how I would be able to ease her paid. The hardships began to come in like flood. It became hard to put even just the simplest meal in the table for the family to share. I realized that at this point, I had to stand up for my own sake and be stronger as I am to face larger challenges as these problems come sweeping our family.  I knew that this was the only thing I could do to make sure my mother’s pain could be eased somehow.

Part of my step towards achieving my goal is dedicated to putting my attention focused on my studies. I admit it was not easy to keep my attention on my studies amidst all the different conditions I had to deal with in relation to my mother and my family as a whole. I needed all the help I can get. Sadly, my teachers were preoccupied with their own problems. I had to learn matters on my own and become dedicated to my studies. Financial problems became the main hindrance to my goal but I pursued my dream any way I could anyway.

As I entered college, my dream became even harder to achieve as the financial support I needed pressured me at an even harder cause. I then resorted to searching for the most possible scholarships available that I could apply for; working while learning also became a stepping-stone towards the completion of my goals. Relatively, nothing was easy; but I know I do have to undergo all these trials. I always keep in my mind the words of my mother as she says ‘nothing comes from nothing, every good thing comes from another good thing’, I figure, if I keep on choosing the good path then perhaps I would finally be able to reap the fruits of my efforts later on in life. My determination apparently was not enough for me to achieve my dreams. Every single desire should be worked upon, every single step towards my goal should be seriously taken into consideration and every obstacle should be realized as opportunities towards growth and a closer bridge towards what I want to achieve.

Through the years, I realized that with one twist of events in my much easier life when I was younger, everything could take another phase and my determination immediately grew. It was as if I was forced to become a lot more mature at such an early age. To some, such an experience might seem specifically devastating. To me though, such part of my life became the turning point of everything, a realization of what I really want and a source of indication on the path that I want to take as I grow into age. My mother, my inspiration, gave me the most compelling source strength allowing me to see through the bright side of life even though everything started to seem shattered. As my mother never gave up on me or on the idea of giving me what I needed as an advancing student, I learned not to give up on myself either. I knew I had to stand up and it was not only for me nor for my dream, but for my mother and my family who I want to lead in a much better state of living as I tend to graduate from college and gain a better job that would allow me to give them the American dream that my mother longed to realize for us when we were still young.