Patagonia Leadership

Patagonia takes several approaches to ensuring that the employees remain motivated and satisfied. The company receives several hundred resumes but it makes sure to hire only those who have the same set of values and principles as the company including commitment to the environment. By making sure that new recruits will be a great fit within the company’s culture, Patagonia increases the probability of having a motivated and satisfied workforce. As company’s CEO Michael Crooke points out, when employees are passionate about something they look forward to work every day. The company’s commitment to the environment is also a factor in employees’ motivation because they know their work is making a difference. Thus, having a purpose increases the value of the work to the employees, resulting in higher satisfaction levels.

Corporations suffer from negative perceptions in the minds of many customers as they are often thought of ignoring ethical and social interests in the blind pursuit of profits but Patagonia enjoys a positive perception because it invests in the environment. The company gives a certain percentage of annual profits to various social issues all around the world. This association with a company that employs responsible business practices also makes its employees feel good and increase their job motivation.

Patagonia also attracts people who are looking towards work-life balance. The company provides flexible work schedule and on-site child development centers among other perks. All these actions demonstrate the fact that the company cares about the well being of its workers and values their families as well which improves employees’ loyalty to the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as an important indicator of the ethical conduct of an organization and Patagonia encourages its employees to be involved with the communities they live in as well as others which they desire to improve. As a result, the employees feel proud to be associated with a company that cares about social issues and not just profits.

Patagonia also has a satisfied and motivated workforce because the management gives the employees considerable leeway in how to do their job and encourages employees to exploit their creative potential. As a result, employees can pursue their entrepreneurial spirit despite being part of a big company. Not surprisingly, the company is often included on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work for list.

Patagonia understands the actions are the key to credibility which is why they practice resource conservation even in their business practice. They specifically advise their customers not to buy Patagonia products if they may already have the product which is quite a unique approach to business. Similarly, the company encourages the employees to devote time to their favorite activities such as surfing and mountain climbing etc. so that they can make better products using their personal experiences. This is a very attractive feature of the company’s culture that it lets its employees mix their passion with work. This match between the company’s words and actions also enhances the leadership’s credibility in the eyes of the employees.

Patagonia keeps its employees satisfied and motivated by providing them room to explore their creativity, enabling them to efficiently balance their work and family life, and providing them with a sense of purpose. The company also demonstrates high standards in CSR which makes its employees proud to be associated with the company.