Genders in Production by Leslie Salzinger



  • New Perspective (Identification and explanation)
  • Description

New Concept (Agreed/Disagreed)

Challenging Concepts

Affirmative Ideas and Beliefs



This book review analysis explores Leslie Salzinger’s account of Genders in Production: Making Workers in Mexico’s Global Factories. Answers to questions related to whether a “new perspective” had been introduced and its impact on me as an educator; if in my view the concept was valid or invalid; challenges encountered in processing these concepts as an educator; my emotional response to them and concluding with how the concepts/ideas affirmed my beliefs will be the major focus of this review.


Reasons Why Organizations Implement Mentoring Programs

  1. Introduction

Mentoring is both an informal and a formal form of relationship between two people that is the senior who is always the mentor and junior. The senior is the mentor while the junior is the person being mentored. In development of professionalism in both private and public, mentoring has been identified as an important influence. Mentoring is also seen as a career development program that is comprehensive. Good examples of this are the presidential management fellowship (ELP) program and the senior executive service candidate Development program (SESCDP) (Addison & Haig, 2006).One of the major function mentoring plays in these programs is, to promote specific development in various specific areas that result in the successful implementation of the program (Addison & Haig, 2006).


Literature review- eagle scout (PPT)



Beyond Contradiction: Exploring the work of secondary science teachers as they embed environmental education in curricula


It was made clear in the definition of the study that this study investigates the work of secondary science teachers as they embed environmental education in curricula in Northern Ontario, Canada. However, the title of the study is not completely clear. It does not clearly give the purpose of authoring and using e-learning designs for teachers. Furthermore, it does not mention the use of these designs, though in achieving the objectives of this study the use of the designs in teaching is given an equal importance as authoring.