Creative Writing

Personal statement

To whom it may concern and the staff at Cal State University,

It was love at first sight when I saw my English teacher in the 7th grade. This foreign language she was so eloquently speaking astonished me. That was the first time I saw someone speak a language other than my native language- Arabic. The first I time I was introduced to English it was like music on my ears. I waited for English class every day with passion and excitement.

I still remember my gorgeous English teacher Sara; she was the one who made me love the English language. My teacher noticed how passionate I was and she was always supportive and encouraging- helping me when I struggled to grasp the English concepts of grammar and punctuation, something very different from my traditional writing. I remember when she gave me a critique on my writing- advising me to put more spaces between words so my writing would improve and be more emphatic.

I spent the whole summer trying to write the new words that I had just learned in my first two semesters that year. As other children played outside, I read grammar books and practiced my vocabulary. Next year in 8th grade there was a book fair in my school- the first thing that caught my eyes was an illustrated English dictionary. It was two hundred pages long. I purchased the book and finished it cover to cover in weeks, memorizing each word with passion till I finished it. Later in secondary school , when people would ask me what I planned on doing with my future, I would tell them definitively that I wanted to be an English teacher. I would say this to them with a huge smile on face, proud of the new language I had grasped. I graduated from high school to be enrolled in one of the top universities in Saudi Arabia- King Saud University; I had been accepted into their English program. I enjoyed every moment through my college study and graduated with a GPA of 3.2 which granted me a scholarship from my university to USA to pursue my masters degree in English.

When I was in King Saud University I was a volunteer teacher in an orphanage called Insan. I taught four girls from middle school and tried to help them with some difficulties they were facing with grasping English in school. One of the girls told me that she wanted to be a great translator and translate books from English to Arabic and vice versa.

Why I loved learning English is because learning another language not only expands a person’s knowledge, it expands the person’s horizon. It gives the person more choices to achieve their goals. Learning new languages is not just learning how to speak the language, but about learning about the people and the culture behind the language. Race, gender and other boundaries will dissolve when people from different cultures communicate as one.

To be an English teacher and help people to achieve their goals and through this learning they will be open minded and share with others their culture is a great value to motivate me to pursue my master in English. The United States is the leader in theoretical research of TESOL. While pursuing my master’s degree, I plan to study the process of students of other languages as they begin learning English, as well as how teachers deal with non-English speaking students. I am hoping through my education I can learn more about the culture as well as adapt strategies that can aid teachers who struggle in communicating with non-native English speaking students.

After I graduate from graduate school, I do have plans of furthering my education at Cal State University in San Bernadino- a university with an exceptional TESOL program for English teachers hoping to work with non-native English speaking students. I strongly hope that I will be accepted into their exceptional English program. I am excited about all the English language has taught me, but I am more excited about what I have to teach others about the language, as well as the culture.