Personal Statement for Blister Issue

I have been a nursing professional for many years and have accumulated considerable knowledge regarding several medical conditions including blisters which also explains why I often serve as Head Nurse in the facility. I was also the Head Nurse during the 3-11 pm shift on November 14th, 2012 when it was bought to my attention that a patient by the name of E.C. had a blister on the inner aspect of the left thigh. I immediately arranged for the physician who applied the cavilon spray with a protective dressing. The state alleges that the injury to the patient is diaper-related but this could not have been farther from the truth. The state has failed to take into account several aspects of the case which has resulted in a faulty conclusion.

First of all, I have personally known the patient for several years and am knowledgeable about the patient’s history. When I first examined the blister, there was no redness around the blister or signs of prolonged pressure as is often the case in diaper-related blisters. I have trained several nursing assistants on diaper application and could have easily identified a diaper-related blister. It is also important to note that upon learning about the blister, I immediately arranged for the physician who treated the patient in a timely manner so the injury is not a result of neglect either.

The blister was found below the level usually covered by the diaper and it is possible that friction during patient transfer might have caused the blister as the patient is immobile. Immobile people are also more susceptible to blisters because sustained pressure on areas which support body result in reduced blood supply, leading to dead skin and such areas include thigh.

I kindly request the dismissal of the judgment against the facility because it is clear that the decision was rendered without careful examination of all the facts surrounding the case. We encourage you to reexamine the case to make sure all relevant facts are accounted for and please do not hesitate to let us know should you have any questions.            

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