Personal statement for nursing

Nursing is a wide field and my passion for this field is the care accorded to patients. I enjoy working and taking care of the patients in restoring their health. I believe my penchant for this filed stems from the fact that I once got involved in an accident last May 2012, which fractured my c-2, but no residual problems. This accident changed my life as a single parent to two children aged 4 and 14. I have a fully credentialed LPN with eight years of experience in providing compassionate care in a correctional or locked environment. My educational background and experiences explain my passion and a penchant for nursing. The knowledge I gained while providing care has enabled me appreciate the need to embrace the way of life for different communities and cultures. My strong medic ethic has enabled me steer through the challenges associated in this career and has encouraged me to acquire the knowledge of body mechanics. I have had good opportunities while working at U Mass Correctional health and Taunton State Hospital, which gave me exposure to events happening around the world and especially comprehension of the medical clinical procedures. The environment also gave me the necessary skills and experience.

Nursing is my choice of career because I feel that the field is going to equip me with essential skills of serving the community in a skillful manner. The skills will help me contribute positively and directly to the progress of the society and the human race as a whole. Basic life support for the health care giver and licensed practical nurse in Massachusetts License #LN66537 are the licenses that I have. I believe I am outfitted with the accurate materials and skills to handle matters relating to nursing. My skills coupled with a strong commitment, will boost my strong wish to make an impact in the medical field and also in the world. I have survived many challenges in life, which means I can take on any confrontation that may come my way. What motivates me more are my two children and the need to show them that life continues even after an incident like the car accident I had in May last year. Furthermore, the fact that I have the skills, experience and licenses to undertake the practice, is sufficient for me to want to get an RN.

If given a chance, I will maximize my stay in Brockton Hospital School of nursing, and with my strong commitment to work and succeed in this course, I am sure that I will give a positive image to others intending to pursue nursing. During my time there I will exercise my medication administration skills and apply my broad medical terminologies in advancing my career.