Computer Science

Personal Statement

Most professionals rarely consider undertaking advanced computing courses following the acquisition of a non-related major as the first degree. Mostly, only fundamental computing skills are deemed to be necessary for their various careers. I have similarly worked on tasks requiring basic computing skills including helping patients operate computer systems as a health volunteer at Mill Peninsula Medical Center and as a computer lab assistant, providing technological and administrative support to the campus directors and advisors at San Jose University.

However, working with computers and information technology tools during this time, especially when undertaking research methods during my undergraduate studies at San Jose has made me develop special interests towards computing. Working with computing software like SPSS during this period has not only revealed to me the essence of computing to psychological studies but also help me realize that indeed advanced computing could be necessary for my practice in the field of psychology.

As a result, I am applying for a masters in computer science at North Eastern University as I believe, the knowledge acquired will be useful to me in psychological practice. The notion that I could use the knowledge gained in building medical application programs that can be used in patient management has mainly motivated me to pursue this advanced course in computer science. As a prospective computer science programmer, I aim to apply the knowledge and skills gained in enhancing service to patients and also developing more efficient technology for management of patients.

To achieve this aim, I realize that the North Eastern University San Jose is the best place to enrol for the masters in computer science program. This is due to the popularity of the institution in offering competitive courses in the field of computing and information technology. I believe that with access of state of the art infrastructure provided by the institution, I will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and exposure to enable me to achieve my aim of integrating computer knowledge into practice in the psychology field. Being an innovative approach as well as an essential part of my career, I am looking forward to my consideration for admission.

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