Practicum Plan

Personal Leadership Learning Goal: leadership skill I intend to practice and improve

Improvement of basic office skills including word processing, answering telephone calls, completing spreadsheets and software will be an important accomplishment for this practicum plan. Equally important will be improving professional skills in customer service, computer research, and interpersonal communication, organized and multitasking, public relations, solving problems and public relations. The practicum plan will also facilitate in the improvement of personality, speaking voice, listening skills, presentation skills, the willingness together with potential ability of acquiring and retaining vital information, paying due attention to detail, helping people, working independently and working in a challenging team in a competitive environment. Other positive attributes anticipated from this project include high integrity, reliability, and commitment to duty, dedication and competency in handling computers together with websites.


The choice of this particular skill to improve leadership ability

This particular skill will facilitate for the competency in giving historical, timely as well as accurate information concerning various aspects of organization to internal as well as external communities. The position also gives a chance of networking with various workers in other departments in the organization. the position also offers a good opportunity for participation department decision making processes and special projects that consequently leads to rewards and recognition.

Context to accomplish your goal: The setting of the practicum plan

My practicum plan will be conducted at Pro- Haul Moving Company where I will work as an information desk. This is a working area with the highest visibility of visitors and therefore giving a chance of first impression to the clients. Working in this area is challenging because of the requirement of making positive impression Pro- Haul Moving Company to all visitors. The place of work has to be maintained extremely clean to facilitate for the development of positive impression of Pro- Haul Moving Company.

The leadership skills anticipated from this position of work is a quick and accurate response to any queries from the clients. Skills related to telephone etiquette and giving face-to-face services to the clients are also required in this working station. Sufficient familiarity with Pro- Haul Moving Company and potential ability of accessing information quickly are other vital skills that are associated with this working station.

Additionally, the potential ability of operating cash register for ticket sales in addition to other products as well as services is also a requirement. Ability to account for all transactions and a clean record of inventory as well as cash register is another requirement for this position.

Practicing my chosen leadership skill

Practicing my chosen leadership skill will be achieved through enhancing the potential ability of working independently, developing professional attributes, taking initiatives positively, a positive interaction with people from divergent cultural backgrounds and a high profile of commitment to duty

Stakeholder in the practicum plan

University Practicum Coordinator, the NEU co-op office, sponsor, my work colleague, the front office department at my placement are important stakeholders in my practicum plan

Sources of support for the internship

I expect to receive considerable support from the university practicum coordinator cohort members, Friends, my roommate, my instructor and my mentor.

Additional resources needed to successfully complete the practicum plan and achieve my goal

Desktop computers, research, time, mentoring photocopying devices, switchboards, scanners as well as multi-line telephone systems


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