Public Health Agency SWOT Analysis Paper

Agency in Focus: Council on Education for Public Health


            The Council on Education for Public Health or CEPH is a branched out agency that has  primarily been rooted from the US Department of Education. CEPH however is considered as an independent organization that serves the need to education schools and their students in consideration with careers in health care. The programs they create often relate to the need of the community to know what more they can do for others in consideration to improving the healthcare status of their communities.

  • Strengths: The organization, although considered separate from the US Depart of Education is still supported by the said government faction. Relatively, this allows the agency to find proper conditions by which they could reach out to their target population due to the fact that they already have reference resources supported by the Department of Education. This would make it easier for the organization to take on challenges as desired so as to make sure that their programs would be able to meet the goals they have set for their agency.
  • Weaknesses: the 10-member board operation serving as the administrators of this agency seems to be a weak sense of governance given that the agency serves a whole community of schools that they target to teach about healthcare careers. Besides this, the privatization of the agency makes it a little bit harder to support their programs financially in a continuous manner.
  • Opportunities: given that constraints coming from financial resources, it is the opportunity for the organization to create programs that would be most effective for their target but would be less in cost when it comes to mandating the expenses of the agency. This could involve utilizing modern forms of technology and communication such as the internet and social networking operations.
  • Threats: the interest of the society towards healthcare careers slowly diminishes because of the fact that there are a lot more other prestigious careers in the society that pay more yet demands lesser effort and time. It is then a challenge for the agency to make it easier for the society to realize what the careers are, what they are for and what specific conditions could actually make it easier for the people to embrace the value of improving healthcare operations that the organizations want to impose on the society.

The development of the programs presented by CEPH depends on the possibility of affecting the society positively in consideration with their vision and mission for improving public healthcare systems. Getting the people to respond to this campaign would likely be the source of their relative success on the process.


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