Real Estate

One of the causes of the recent financial crisis was the unrealistic assumptions behind real estate investments that were driven more by emotions than objective reasoning. Globalization has significantly transformed several economic sectors and real estate has been no different. Foreign investments in the real estate sectors have been increasing but unfortunately the sheer amount of money often leads to inflated values. My academic and work experiences have convinced me that real estate investment requires a more comprehensive and disciplined approach which is why I have decided to pursue my Masters in Real Estate.

I have taken courses in management, economics, accounting, and statistics and have over five years experience in a diverse range of positions including real estate investments and financial analysis. These experiences have helped me realize that the approach to real estate investment should not be much different from the approach to other kind of investments and real estate investment often carries greater risks than what most people assume. I also have the advantage of having academic and work experiences in different countries including Germany, Italy, and U.K. which provide me with unique perspectives on cultural and social behavior.

Even though I have worked at a real estate investment company with a reasonable track record, I believe the current principles of real estate investment are outdated and poorly equipped to meet the challenges of today’s world. This is also why I want to pursue a graduate degree in real estate investment so that I can learn about the emerging theories and also have the opportunity to interact with smart students from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. I am confident that a degree in real estate investment coupled with my prior professional experiences will provide me with a solid foundation to pursue a successful long-term career in the real estate sector.