Recommend roles and tasks


  1. Role allocation

Self-System Administrator Accounting and Finance Team Managing‑ Mark Bring Together different Skill and Idea- Mark
Installation of the organization’s technological infrastructures, troubleshooting of network systems to solve problems, monitoring system performance, and ensuring and ensuring the IT systems are secure. Isabel is in charge of the accounting and finance team. Her roles include overseeing the payment of all vendors and suppliers while ensuring saving on the organization’s financial resources, tracking of revenues and accounts receivables, and overseeing the payment of all employees at the specified time. Isabel is also responsible for the preparation and assessment of financial statements and overseeing the preparation of financial controls. Other responsibilities allocated to her include control of the organizational budget, company valuation, analysis of financial statements and procurement of funds. Mark is responsible for performing a number of tasks within an organization. These roles include making key decisions regarding the business operations, perception of the company’s opportunities and problems that affect its performance, assessment of organization’s performance, setting goals and objectives to be achieved by the organization, continuous monitoring, and assessment of the organization’s processes and generation of ideas to solve existing problems. Mark is also responsible for bringing together the ideas of different employees in order to make decisions that consider their employees. Moreover, he takes part in evaluating different skills to determine the best talents for different positions within the organization.


  1. Using your analysis of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses (including your own) why did you select these roles and tasks for yourself, Isabel and Mark.
I selected the skills for Mark due to his ability to make decisions, solve problems and manage teams. Mark also possesses excellent communication and planning skills which make him the fittest for the management position. Isabel, in contrast, has excellent financial analysis and reporting capabilities which match the skills needed for accounting personnel. She also has strengths in performance analysis and budget development. For myself, I am a very flexible person with the ability to identify problems and develop the most appropriate solutions. I am also patient in nature hence am able to work with employees of different characters.


  1. Sexual orientation

Physical ability

Other cultures

How would you handle workforce situations when confronted with equal-opportunity scenarios? For example, what would you do if a person revealed a disability, you discovered your workplace is not inclusive, or you heard discriminatory language?
If one person revealed a disability, I would ask the medical officer of the organization to examine him to determine if he is fit for the job position. In case the results are positive, I would take him for the position. On the other hand, if I heard the discriminatory language, I would warn the offender against the use of such language. I would also read him/her the rules regarding discrimination to prevent the offense from reoccurring [1] (Tebele & Odeku, 2014). Lastly, if I found my workplace is not inclusive, I would roll out policies and hand them to the HR department to help them enhance their recruitment operations.
In what ways does your culture influence your response to handling these situations? What role do your beliefs and values play in shaping your attitudes and views?
My culture dictates that all people, regardless of their physical abilities or backgrounds are eligible to work in the organization as long as they are fit for the positions they want. I also believe that all people have an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.


  1. Reflection
Consider your answers to the questions above: what positive and challenging experiences have you had with other cultures? Think of a time when you might have misunderstood another culture or someone might have misunderstood yours, and how you navigated these moments.
In my culture, receiving of gifts after performing a task for a client is a normal act. After being recruited to the current position, I received a gift from a client who believed I had helped her. To my surprise, I was misunderstood for taking bribes to serve clients. I took my time to explain to the manager what our culture says about receiving gifts. Lucky for me, he understood but warned me not to do it again as it may taint the name of the company.


  1. Recommend roles and specific tasks for each member to organize group collaboration.

Assign a different role and two distinct tasks to each team member.



Role Task 1 Task 2
Myself Security specialist Ensuring all systems are secure. Ensuring all systems are working efficiently
Isabel  Budget controller Controlling the budget allocated to employee recruitment Ensuring the organization has enough funds for the function
Mark Policy Development Development of policies that ensure inclusivity during employee recruitment Monitoring of the HR department to ensure the policies are adhered to.


Tebele, S. M., & Odeku, K. O. (2014). An analysis of workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Anthropologist18(2), 609-617.

[1] Tebele, S. M., & Odeku, K. O. (2014). An analysis of workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Anthropologist18(2), 609-617.


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