Reflection (PPT)

261934 Reflection

Discuss EVM for Future Application

I would like to conduct more study and research to prove the methodology further especially in the management of big construction projects.    My research will specifically deal with the challenges that are inherent in the concept of EVM (Vanhoucke, 2012).  According to the critics, the EVM has no provision of measuring the quality of the projects. AS a result, it is possible for the EVM to indicate to the project manager that the project is a head of schedule, under budget and covering the full scope but come up with unsuccessful result making the clients very unhappy.  I am interested in seeing other tools that could be used together with EVM to ensure the aspect of quality is covered in the implementation of projects(Vanhoucke, 2011)   . The improved skilled acquired as a result of taking this study will inform my profession in research of EVM to implement large and complex projects and programs. This is because of the ability to use complex software like EVM agile to forecast the cost of performance of the budget to not only avoid over budgeting or under budgeting but also ensure quality.


Vanhoucke, M. (2012).Measuring the efficiency of project control using fictitious and empirical          project data.

Vanhoucke, M., (2011).On the dynamic use of project performance and schedule risk information during project tracking.