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Response Paper Presentation

  • People often come across research in everyday life or are curious about a topic and decide to conduct their own research. Identify a time you wanted to research something and explain how you performed the research and what you learned as a result. How can you apply this experience to your own academic research?

I was rather curious about how modern marketing actually affects the behavior of consumers. Because of this, I tried to set up a survey on several participants chosen at a random approach. Most likely though, I chose individuals from ages 18 to 26 who are likely given the chance to decide on whichever they would want to buy and has the capacity to do so. I figured these participants would respond better to the idea of marketing approaches influencing the way they decide on their purchases. As a result, I was able to learn that at least 85% of the participants I have observed actually let marketing approaches such as TV and internet advertising affect their purchasing decisions.

In relation to my own personal academic research, I see that the past research experience I have could provide me with the skill I need to be able to manifest a sense of control on how I am to get the information I need and who I am supposed to get in contact with in relation to the data I hope to incur.

  • I am very analytical and ask many questions to really understand how something works. Last December, a position posted for mortgage loan officer at my current job and I was in inspired to apply. The last four moths I had been assisting the mortgage loan officers and decided that I would do some additional research to determine if this position would be a good fit for me. I initiated research by finding a book on mortgage lending. I found an excellent book through the iBook’s store. I knew that since this was a published book and received over four hundred positive customer reviews this would be a credible resource. The book explained the job overview in addition to helpful tips on doing the job well. The next bit of research was to schedule a meeting with each of the loan officers and interview them with questions about their job and what they found the most difficult. I knew this would be helpful because it would provide a face-to-face interaction with a real veteran loan officer.  Using the notes I had taken from the loan officers and the book, I made a list of pros and cons to determine if this job would fit my life style and needs. I ended up applying for the job, and the results transformed into a successful interview and promotion. My methods can be applied to my academic research by simply finding effective and credible resources, and taking effective notes to analyze the research.

The proper drive to get a good job was the primary motivator of the individual sharing experience herein. It could be realized that it is his personal desire to learn and be fit for a job he wants to get that pushed them to do a proper research on the matter. Overall, the transformation of situations especially relating to the success of the research being useful in the process of application provides a good foundation that the individual could later on use in his academic researches.

  • Review Ch. 11, Section 2 of Writing for Success. What are the suggested methods for selecting a research topic? What method do you think will work best for you and why?

When choosing the right topic for research, it is important to consider the interest that the researcher has on the issue. It is also vital that the availability of supporting research materials be observed accordingly. These particular considerations should be given specific attention to. Notably, the capacity of the researcher to obtain proper supporting materials that could establish the arguments and the claims he presents along with the study he pursues will further establish the practical value of the research based on the actual situations that are relatively connected to the issues involved.

Noting the stakeholders of the study would provide the researcher a strong foundation as to which particular elements he should depend his methodologies of research on. Being closely related to the topic he chose would let him find it easier to expand on the issues and dig deeper as needed since the issues involved affects him personally. For me, this particular approach to choosing topic for research would be best able to give me the proper motivation to complete my task.

  • There are different methods you can choose from.  a preliminary search, search several databases, make sure to choose a topic that interest you personally, pick a topic that no one else on the class is likely working on, and you always want to select a topic with moderate amount of published information. The method that I would choose is preliminary searches this is because you can get an idea of what kind of information is available and whether or not there is even enough information available to write about your topic. I like this because it can be done very quickly and easily it’s a great way to get better confidence when choosing a topic or even writing the paper. Thinking early leads to starting early. If the you begin thinking about possible topics when the assignment is given, you have already begun the arduous, yet rewarding, task of planning and organization. Once you made the assignment a priority in your mind, you may begin to have ideas throughout the day. 

It is true that the interest of one in connection with a specific topic would affect the interest he has in relation to the process he takes into consideration that would further improve the understanding he has regarding a certain issue. It is the existence of such interest that would further motivate a person to do more and dig more regarding an issue thus creating a responsive form of research that would be practical for use in the future.

  • Consider the time management tips you have learned in previous courses. What types of information should you include in your project schedule? How do you plan to manage your research and writing to ensure your project is completed on time? 150 words. DQ 3.1

I would personally attend to the search of primary references first. This would comprise of several research materials that would be closely related to my topic. Through internet and library database research, I am hoping to find relatively connective researches that are able to support my topic. Once this is done, the search for secondary references shall be my next focus. In this aspect though, applying my personal decision on whether or not a reference would be useful, I am hoping to pick those that would really be able to give me an edge in becoming better acquainted to the topic I am researching about. In relation to this process, being fully in focus of my goals is important to be able to complete matters on time and remain in the schedule.

  • Is it important to have a research question when writing a research paper? Why? 150 words DQ 4.1

A research question is basically the foundation of any particular research. The existence of a research question provides the researcher the proper direction he needs to take to be able to accomplish specific tasks according to the topic he has chosen. It is also through one’s understanding of the research question he hopes to respond to that he becomes more capable of finding better methodologies to use to prove his arguments and claims in connection to the study he aims to finish.

Research questions establish a specific path for researcher to take in consideration with the results he aims to gain at the end of completing the study he hopes to pursue. Serving as specific guidance for the researcher to take, this particular element of research makes an impact on how a researcher sees the condition of learning that he is supposed to gain from the procedures he hopes to apply in gaining the information that he specifically hopes to present to his readers in support of his hypothesis.

  • What type of information would you include in a research plan? How will this information guide you as you begin your project?

When completing a research plan, it is important to put in the topic for research, the problem or the question to be tackled, the purpose and objectives of the study as well as the primary references to be used. The establishment of a specific methodology to take into consideration is essential in making up a research plan. All these elements put together would further improve the manner by which a topic is handled by a researcher.

Possibly, if desired, a set schedule could also be included in a research plan to make sure that everything is completed according to the time limit that is supposed to be followed in relation to the finalization of the study. Following the schedule would of course put the urgency of the process in concern hence bringing about a sense of realization in connection with how a research is supposed to affect the stakeholders to whom it is dedicated to.