Resume for internship job for a business management degree


Managing Director, Human Resource Development



Dear sir/Madam,

Re: Resume for internship job for a business management degree

The purpose of this letter is to present a request for a position of internship which I believe will be beneficial in the advancement of my business management degree. I am a student of age 27 years with ambitions and zeal of achieving great heights of success and I am for the opinion that your company will play a critical role in furthering my aspirations.

I am currently in my third year grade in my university thus working with the determination of acquiring a degree in business management. During my past life in my former school, I contributed significantly in the department of Human Resources where I took several responsibilities in offering assistance to the manager in the Human Resources department. In the course of my endeavor therefore, I have gained vital skills and experiences in business management which I want to advance in your reputable institution.

I have handled the position of managing employee files and worked on the benefits of the employees. I also interacted with other company employees which was resourceful in the advancement of my people skills. I have developed good communication skills to deal with diverse customers and positive interaction with other members of staff. I also have oral and written fluency Spanish and English communication ability. I am strongly convinced that I have strong potentials of being an asset in your organization. It is my humble submission that the skills I have so far developed will be effective and beneficial in the course of my internship in this organization.

I await your invitation for an interview which you can arrange at your own convenience. Thank you.