Roast to Sarah Palin

Just when we thought the average IQ of politicians could not go lower, God blessed America with Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin had an unrivaled foreign policy experience because she could see Russia from Alaska and maybe the huge fences prevented her from learning about Mexico. Palin opposes Planned Parenthood because she likes surprises and Bristol did give her one. Planning makes everything boring in Palin’s views.

Sarah Palin also believes healthcare is socialism in US only and not in other countries like Canada where her own family used to go for healthcare. Sarah Palin likes to hunt but not being hunted by the media. She likes to shoot moose but gets angry when media treats her as moose which by the way she does look sometimes, actually all the time. Fox News had to fire Palin because they didn’t like the new definition Palin gave to ignorance.

Sarah Palin thinks when she creates new words out of the blue, they should become part of English language. It won’t be late before she believes her imaginary ideas should become accepted scientific theories. Sarah Palin thinks President Obama is stupid and she may or may not be right but she definitely has the credentials to make such a claim. After all, who could know more about being a stupid than an experienced stupid; one who has been called stupid even by the CEO of a network that has made a career out of hiring stupid people. But Sarah Palin also strengthens our faith in America because only in America, there are affirmative action programs for stupid people and John McCain was merely complying with it when he nominated Palin as his Vice President.