Santa Clara University Law School

I have been inquisitive for as long as I remember. I found out early in my life that education takes place both in school and outside school. I have lived in towns with quite diverse neighborhoods, thus, had friends from a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Frequent interaction with them helped me identify my own bias and stereotypes and expanded my thinking horizon. I also learnt that there are more similarities among cultures than differences and diversity helps promote tolerance, respect, and appreciation for each other. I am also trilingual, being fluent in English and Spanish as well as intermediate communication and written skills in Italian.

In addition to vast cross-cultural knowledge, I also possess experience in a wide range of organizations including National Institute of Standards & Technology (Department of Homeland Security), Mallery & DeMaria PC, and Northwestern Mutual. These experiences have helped me developed numerous soft skills including communication, leadership, and teamwork. At my current job as a Wealth Management Advisor & College Unit Director at Northwestern Mutual, I lead a team of six college interns which is currently the number one college unit at the company. I have been ranked as one of the top advisors at Northwestern Mutual within the San Francisco Bay Area and have won numerous awards including National Sales Achievement Award, National Quality Award, and Western Region Bronze Award.

I am particularly attracted to Santa Clara Law School because the school has a history of producing alumni such as Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Microsoft Senior Attorney Bonnie MacNaughton who have established themselves as leaders in their respective field. The school’s emphasis on diversity also inspires me because we live in a world which is increasingly becoming globalized and frequent interactions with smart students from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds will adequately prepare me for challenging opportunities both within the U.S. and other countries.

I also want to study at Santa Clara Law School because I have immensely enjoyed my academic and co-curricular experiences at Santa Clara University as an undergraduate student. I have met some of the best people in my life whether in classrooms or during my involvement with the university’s Triathlon and Swim Teams. The university has not only provided me world-class education but has also taught me the importance of ethical principles in both private and professional lives. As someone who religiously follows news and read on a wide range of issues, I am well aware of the declining ethical standards as well as the need to improve legal framework in both the public and the private sector. This is why I have decided to pursue a degree in law so that I can use my professional and cultural experiences to contribute towards more practical and effective legal frameworks as well as promote higher ethical standards.

I have no doubt I will do really well in the law program. Through my academic and professional career, I have demonstrated my ability to excel in everything I do and I will approach the law program with the same commitment, passion, and intensity. I hope I will also follow in the footsteps of the school’s distinguished alumni and prove myself to be an effective ambassador of the university in the real world.