Self-Assessment Test

The assessment tests including Jung Typology Test (Human Metrics) and The Entrepreneur Quiz (Liraz Business Guides) revealed some surprising findings which I didn’t expect about myself. As far as Jung Typology Test is concerned, my type turned out to be INTJ which stands for introvert, intuitive, thinking, and judging. In other words, I prefer time alone more to being in social gatherings. In addition, I prefer a small circle of close friends to a large circle of acquaintances. I am also the kind of person who prefers the bigger picture to minute details. In terms of thinking or making decisions, I prefer logic and objective facts to emotions and feelings. Similarly, I prefer proper planning before taking a course of action instead and am committed to the goals I set. As far as the entrepreneurship quiz is concerned, my score was 92 which means I have most of the qualities required to be an entrepreneur.

Even though I do prefer to have small circle of close friends, I also greatly enjoy social gatherings and the opportunity to meet new people. This is why Jung Typology Test did surprise me because I am always up to go out with friends since I believe we learn as much through interaction with people as through other sources including formal education and books. Introverts often prefer to spend time alone and feel uncomfortable in social environment which is not the case for me. The Jung Test did get it right that I am usually more interested in the bigger picture than in every single detail and am usually analyzing things to determine the main message or implication. The ‘thinking’ part in Jung Test also came as a surprise because I consider myself to be capable of putting myself in others’ shoes and sympathize with their situation. While I do believe in rational decision making, I sometimes also allow my moral and ethical principles to shape my opinions.

I did some research on the internet to better understand my personality type and found several surprising information one of which is that INTJ are extremely rare, even more among women and one famous woman who is INTJ is Hilary Clinton. This may also explain why I had some surprises in the Jung Typology Test because it seems that INTJs are really unique and quite different from the rest of the population. This may also be why I have lot of contrasts in my personality such as the fact that I consider myself both introvert and extrovert because even though I enjoy privacy, I also enjoy the company of people. Another contrast is that I believe in rationality but I also take into account others’ feelings.

The entrepreneurship score also came as a little surprise because I have never considered myself to be highly tolerant of risk. I usually prefer certainty and planning to risk and surprises and entrepreneurs, in my opinion, tend to have high tolerance for risk. When I work, I tend to work on my own and do not really enjoy managing people which is usually a requirement when you start a business and eventually grow it. I also believe I want to have enough experience, at least a decade or so, before I start my own business. But I can understand why the quiz gave me high score because I consider myself a self-starter, take responsibility for my actions, am decisive, and like control of my life.




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