Sexual Ethics

Sexual ethics, which is also referred to sexual morality, involves those facets of ethics dealing with cases that arose from various aspects including sexuality and behavior of human sexuality. Sexual ethics have a close relationship with the entire community and individual standards pertaining issues relating to interpersonal relationship, sexual relations, and issues affecting marriage life. Ethical dilemmas are of concern when dealing with issues concerning sexuality among different individuals. It involves the appearance of sex in cases where significant differences in power exist. It is also noteworthy that it involves the existence of professional relationship among the participants, issue of age difference, and cases of existence of uncertainty. Ethics in sexuality also pertain to issues relating to ethics of procreation.

Intimacy in any relationship is of significance and usually entails both physical and emotional intimacy. In this case, the attachment and passionate sex evidences and characterizes physical. Intimate relationship has a vital role in the entire human experience; this is because human beings have a desire and need of ownership and love, which is normally fulfilled with the presence of intimate relationship. Intimate relationship usually come into being with the presence of physical and sexual attraction with people who posses romantic feelings, love, and sexual relationships between themselves. It also involves seeking of emotional, moral, and personal support between the persons in the relationship. Social network among individuals usually arose from an intimate relationship, which leads to the provision of emotional attachments and fulfillment of personal needs. The stakeholders in the society should put in place different structures that enhance the maintenance of good ethical standards. These will help couples uphold their intimate relationship whilst solving issues concerning sexual intimacy in order to fulfill their personal needs.

Over the recent past, cases of teen pregnancies have risen significantly and thus affected the cultural, moral, and ethical issues in the society. Consequently, these have resulted to political and religious divide regarding sex education, abortion, and abstinence before marriage. Colleges and other learning institutions ensure that ethical issues pertaining to sexual abstinence among students are in place and ensure the eradication of the use of birth control methods amongst the students. These colleges have introduced courses dealing with sexual issues as a way of instilling ethics in these institutions. Therefore, sex has become a topic both inside and outside the classroom. However, students are not pleased with the issue of sexual ethics in that these ethics are never put in practice. Thus, they need the issue to be integrated with spirituality particularly the Christian faith, thus the emphasis of reestablishment of abstinence, and putting into practice by the students in colleges.

Political divide in America is the contributor of fall of sex education among the teenagers, which was meant to instill sexual ethics in them thus reducing cases of sexual pregnancy and cases of abortion among these teenagers. The efforts of social liberals in the country have been of significance in supporting sex education. In this regard, these social liberals are not usually troubled by premarital sex and view teenage pregnancies as distressing news to the affected families. On the other hand, the social conservatives support abstinence education and criticize sex before marriage. Unlike the liberals, the social conservatives normally get relaxed in cases of teenage pregnancies, but they do not support abortion and thus condemns the act if the girl attempts to practice the act.

Christian sexual ethics condemn cases of infidelity; this is found in the seventh commandment, which is about respecting the rights of one’s neighbor attained through keeping away from their wives, the commandment condemns adultery. However, the commandment protects the rights of a man and neglects those of a woman. The commandment allows a man to sleep with other women without condemning the act, and if the women do the same, then she faces punishments. The commandment undermines intimate relationships for women thus promoting vices in the society since men are never condemned for their actions. Marriage is a companion meant for meant for strengthening human oneness and intimacy in a relationship. Marriage life has ethical issues, which should be adhered to by married couples. According to biblical teachings, marriage is viewed to be a direct link to heavenly kingdom and thus there is a need for married couples to respect. However, the relationship can because of issues of sexual unfaithfulness. Faithfulness in marriage is a core key in maintaining intimacy and a steady communication thus strengthening of the fragile communication in the relationship is important.

Studies concerning intimate relationships have been attained through examination of various topics like romantic relationships, family relations, and friendships, normally attained after long periods. Sexual ethics in married couples is of significance in maintaining intimacy and peaceful coexistence among the parties concerned. Political, religious, and learning institutions have tried to device various ways and means of instilling sexual ethics in the society with the aim of reducing teenage pregnancies and cases of abortion among the teenagers.

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