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Gender refers to the state of being female or male. The term is used social as well as cultural aspects of life to differentiate between masculinity and feminism.  A race, on the other hand, refers to a group of individuals with specific physical characteristics that are similar. Most of these individuals belong to the same area and shares a common language. A social class, on the other hand, refers to the particular division of the society based on the economic as well as the financial status of individuals. The three aspects are critical in one`s life as well as the community in that on identifying one`s identity, and a person can develop strong relationships with other people in the society (Morris et al 340).

Gender Roles and Patriarchy

Gender roles refer to a set of social behaviors as well as norms that each culture defines the duties of a specific sex. In other, it relates to the perception of the roles each sex should play in society. In most cases, these roles are predominantly considered within the context of a family as well as within the community at large. It is worth noting that these roles are based on socialization. The aspect is because socialization is based on appropriate behaviors of men and women in the society. The actions as well as the duties performed by each person is a stereotypic belief that is based on the patriarchy of the community.

Patriarchy, on the other hand, refers to the rule of the father. In the current society, the term refers to the systems in the nation where leadership, as well as power, is left in the hands of adult men. In other words, the men in the society hold the authority over the women, property as well as the children. The aspect leaves women as well as children insubordination (Morris et al 340).

In my life, the aspect of identifying my identity in the society has enabled me to lead a peaceful life. The element is due to the fact that I follow the specified roles as per my gender. In the long run, I have been able to establish healthy as well as the mutual relationship with my society as I have identified my place. Since I am not old enough, I live in the custody of the leadership of the elders in the community. The aspect has been critical in allowing me to follow all the institutions therein

Ethnocentrism and Discrimination

Ethnocentrism refers to a particular belief where a specific ethnic group feels more superior to another group. In most cases, the knowledge develops following differences regarding religious or racial differences. The problem is not easily identified in the society. However, it occurs in every day at both political as well as local levels. Discrimination, on the other hand, refers to the unjust as well as the prejudicial judgment where people are categorized on the grounds of their gender, age as well as sex. In other words, it refers to a situation where a particular individual or gender is treated with mischief. Ethnocentrism relates to discrimination in the sense that the ethnocentric people tend to discriminate the other group of the society. (Bergman, Mindy E., et al. 65)

Recently, I visited a Muslim nation. In the country, the Arabs are in plenty. The aspects cause them to feel more superior to any other society. In most cases, the element of discrimination is vibrant in such community. Women in the nation are not supposed to own property by any chance. They are not allowed to take any leadership position whatsoever. The aspect denies them an opportunity of expressing their strength as well potentiality in the society. The issue of discriminating the poor has been too high extent in our community. The have as well as the have-nots live in two different areas courtesy of discrimination. In other words, the poor in the society are always forced to be under the subordination of the rich.

Social Classes and Social Regulation

Social regulations refer to the identified rules of permissibility or impermissibility of different activities in the society. In other words, it relates to a situation where the community recognizes the means as well as the mode of life they ought to be embraced. The society, therefore, identifies the roles that ought to be played in the community. Social regulation is usually aimed at restricting the behaviors of individuals that threaten the welfare as well as the wellbeing of the society. Social controls identify different gender roles for the well-being of the community. In other words, social regulation relates to gender roles as it defines the norms as well as the duties to be performed by each in the society. Besides, different genders are restricted to perform specific tasks to enhance harmony in the community.

Social regulations, as well as the gender roles, has been affcte0ng my life. The aspect is due to the fact that the society only expects me to acts in relation to my gender. The element has been critical in the sense that I can easily relate with the others members of the society so large ions us I am acting within the set norms. The regulations have been critical in shaping my life as, since my childhood, I have been able to follow all the set rules and regulations. I trust that my behaviors, as well as personalities, are built by the rules therein my society.


Gender roles, socialization as well as ethnocentrism and discrimination are issues that affect our daily life. In other words, living in society finds someone being under all or one of the societal problems. In other words, when one is in a particular community, he or she needs to identify his or her identity as well as role. The aspect is critical in the sense that these societal, as well as roles, defines the personality of an individual. Since man is a social being, living in society is a must. However, there are regulations as well as duties that need to be performed for one to fit in. Besides, there should be leaders in the society that enhance harmonization. In many organizations, the rule if the father, patriarchy, take control. In other words, the old men in the community are expected to lead the others. All these aspects of life have been critical in shaping my life as an individual. In other words, my characters, as well as the freedom I have, relates to the societal rules and regulations I have been following since my childhood.

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