Social Media As It Relates To Marketing

  1. Research Topic

How does social media relate to marketing strategy?

2. Research Process

My research investigated website articles and journal articles.

3. Researched Information

The World Wide Web is the way the people get the information to buy the product. The media helps them see the product first and they get ready to buy it but they go to the web too. They get information there too to get ready to buy something. Before the World Wide Web was there the companies get the people to see their products by getting advertising by the traditional way. But now the company wants to get more people to see the advertising that is good for them by themselves. The web makes it easy for the company to do this so that the people can see more of what they want in the way to the advertising they see on the internet and even still by the traditional marketing.

The marketing strategy of the product are from traditional marketing and not traditional marketing like the social media marketing is how the people see about the products. Company work to make it easy for the people to get to know what the product to buy for them is. Social media is on the internet that people use to talk to each other and to see things they know about. There are a lot of people online using the social media and the companys know this. So it is good for a company to use social media to do advertising to get the people to buy the products that they have for sale. The traditional market way is used in the past and it is still used in today times. All the traditional marketing is in the same way for letting the customers know about the brand of a company product that is ready for their purchase. Many people know about traditional marketing because the many people are many times exposed to this kind of marketing. They are exposed by the television, the radio, the newspaper, the magazines that they use.

People always pick up magazines and newspapers to read the stories and they can see the advertising in those and maybe they want the product in the advertising and maybe they do not want it. But, they get exposed to the advertising and then they can say if they want what they see in that newspaper or magazine. People are too always watching the television set and listen to the radio show, so they can hear the advertising from the company too this way. They can see if they want what they hear about and then they go to the store and maybe remember what they hear on the radio or see on the television, or read in the newspaper or the magazine and buy the product. This is the traditional marketing that makes the people act like they do when they get the news about the new product or a old product too.

NetMBA (2010) says traditional marketing is about products, prices, promotions and places like the 4Ps of the market. These 4Ps are put together in a marketing strategy. This is being called the marketing mix (4Ps). This is important because it is used for traditional marketing strategy of the marketing of a company. The marketing mix may make it good for success of a company to grow business. All companies want to grow the business and make it have more money. The marketing mix is used to help this. The people have to know what product to buy and then they want to know the cost to buy it. They go to a place to buy it and it might be on the internet. They see about the product in the promotions of the advertising and they act the way they do for it.

The marketing mix is a job for a manager in the company. The marketing manager in the company will make choice with the marketing mix he has information about. The traditional marketing way is to how the product is shown to the people in the market, and how the product goes out in the market and the people buy the products. People like to buy a product that they know about and seeing the product what they know about in the advertising helps them say they will buy it, and as well they are exposed to the traditional advertising.

The product is to be a strategy for the brand name of a company and is the style of the product and it is how the products work and if it is a good product and safe, and how it is wrapped in the package. This is the brand of a company product (Sujan & Bettman, 1989). People look at these things when they want to buy. They decide on this by how the product is shown to them and if the product is on sale like in holiday times or but for discounts at all times for flexible price. Place for the products is where is the products so people can get them for distributed in channels. Promotion in traditional market method is how people know about the products (Constantinides, 2006).

Traditional marketing is the way of advertising to get information to the people. People see advertising in magazines, the newspaper, they hear it on television, the radio. And, people can get advertising in their mail boxes, and even email too. And, even people see advertising on billboards or from other posted material. Every place people go they can see advertising, and this is what marketing wants to do, it wants to let the people see the advertising so they want to get the product in the advertising. This report is on social media and the marketing strategy to get the customers the information so they can want to buy the product brands, so in traditional marketing, social chances are small because companies do not network with the buyers, they just dictate in them advertising.

People can know a brand when they see brand mark on products. In is good for marketing to put the product in category like the other of other company for the brands to be compared. This is to put the brand in the position and it look like the brand is doing the good things the other brand is doing but can do it better. Sometimes people in the market do this so their product can be looking better to the customers than the other company. And a way to do another strategy for the brand is go after people of customers in the market for what they want and what they need only for them. So the people see the brand with some different thing the other brands do not give them. So the people might see how they are the same but the best thing they want is different for the brand. Maybe the customer won’t go back and forth much if they see the product is right for them and just for them (Sujan & Bettman, 1989).

The product has to be the one in the market to be better than the other company and their product. The product is a brand by itself and the other company product cannot be better. A brand will do good but the size of the customer in the area where the brand is important. The market size. So how do the company get the brand in a way the people can see it? They do the advertising like traditional marketing. People will see advertising and they remember what they see so they buy what they see. They do to know what they think about what they see in the brand products, and this helps them make a choice of what to buy. The memory of the people, this is why it is good and important for the company to make the brand on the product so the people remember the advertising they see and buy the product in it. Sujan & Bettman (1989) talks about the effect of this. They call it schema. This is different ways of making people know the brand and get them to buy products. And the people look at the product and use them and then they say what they think about it. But if they do not use it they go by what they remember from the advertising or how they product looks to them by brand.

The traditional market manager will be good to use the ideas here. This is because the brand of the product is the way the people know it. And the way the products sit in the market that people see is the position. So the managers can make decisions about the position to best get the customer. Maybe the manager can put the product in more than one advertising and the people can see it over and over in other places. They can put a many of the brands in different advertising so people can use the memory to think about other brands when they see another brand.

So too the market mix is in this type of strategy. Constantinides (2006) say it is a way to plan for the products. Different parts of the company departments can work on the strategy. They say this is the memory way too. People do the business when they remember. This can be for the now and for the future of the market strategy. The marketing mix is for the customer in the social life. New ways of doing things are here. The technology is here. This change the way people act to make choice of what to buy in the market. The people make the power to change how the market goes. Now today people have computers and they can have it easy to find things on line of the computer.

The Internet is here. The internet does make marketing easy for the people and the company because social media is online, and people use it a lot. It is called the World Wide Web. It has really show growth over 20 or 30 years. It has information for people to get into and people are online every day, and they can see advertising. So it is good for companies to put their advertising on the Internet where most it can be seen like on social media webs. These are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc. like this way is good to get to the people the most (Carr, 2008). The web with these places are where the people go to have fun and to do social things. There are a lot of people on Facebook and that is a favorite of people in the social media places. Someone might want to know what the social media is for the people who go there on many times.

Social media is a place where the people can feel they belong so they spend a lot of time online in social media sites. When people spend a lot of time on the social media then they have more chance to see the advertising from the company on the social media. The company should get on the social media so the people can see what to buy People want to buy what they see to buy when they feel like advertisers care about what they want. Social media is a way for advertisers to get to the people and what they want.

People of today are liking the digital age of the Internet and companies know it to change the way people want to buy products. Customers act in a way when they are exposed to the advertising, if it is traditional and not traditional like online. So social media marketing is good for advertising to certain type of people because people are going to always be on the internet doing the things they like to do. So the company can get the brand of their product on the eyes of the people so they can be customers for the product.

People in social media websites get in social groups and companies can reach a mass of people online on a social media website. Like if thousands and thousands of people are on Facebook or Twitter then that says the brand on their can be seen over and over by a lot of people. Says Carr (2008), people spend many thousand hours on the Internet every single year and the company who collect information on the people about how they get in the online space can know how to market to them with advertising. They call this is a target. Advertising in the way for the buyers to get the advertising that is good for them. The buyers see what they been wanting or what they been needing and it goes to their mind to buy the product. This can be done easy on social media sites. For example, someone might watch a video on YouTube and see an advertising message pop up for them to see first before the video. That person is exposed to the advertising and may be wanting what they see and click to go to the website to buy the product they just saw. This can happen with thousands of people and is why advertisers on social media are a way to reach the eyes of millions of people to see what they have to offer.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the marketing concept is always getting better and bigger in the advertising space for traditional and the not traditional marketing like social media marketing. To answer the research topic question of – How does social media relate to marketing strategy? The answer is social media is a good strategy to have to get more information and more targets in front of the people to buys products. People are to be shown what the companies want them to see and they are to be told to buy the products, and they will.

The World Wide Web gives the company the chances to get the people exposed, the millions of people to products on social media sites and this is how they know about what to buy. And this is the purpose of marketing in the first place.


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