Solution to Fraud

Fraud remains one of the many challenges faced by many businesses with the emergence of computer technological advancement. The situation has made it easy for fraudsters to work independently or in gangs in manipulation of checks to deceive tax bureaus. It is important to come up with ways to tackle the problem an employee to prevent fraud by employees. There should be proactive efforts to validate the confirmation parts independently. The dependence on invalidate signatures and contact details should not limit the liability as it serves as mechanism to worsen liability. Pre-employment screening remains a significant process by any organization to prove the qualifications and details of all job applicants. The process helps in checking whether the applicant such as the legibility of taking the employment offer has met the preconditions set by the employer.

In the process of conducting all these checks analysis should be done on whether any information has been concealed or misinterpretation by the applicant. Pre-employment screening remains vital in the evaluation of a person’s character. There are different ways of screening and vary in each organization in that other methods are simple, while others sophisticated. In each  case the screening objective is collection of data on prospective and present staff and make use of the information to classify individuals who present concerns about their identity and personal information. Pre-employment screening considered a holistic concept aims to ensure a company tackles various aspects of threats such as fraud as well as reputational damage.

Pre-employment screening tends to ensure identity confirmation of employees and assist in subsequent investigation about any fraudulent activities by insiders. These people are either on contract permanent and temporary terms and have the intention of legitimate access to the asset of the organization for illegal purposes. The process is beneficial to the company because it reduces probability of individuals and organizations having access to destroying the business.      The usage of application forms by applicants to fill in their details is viewed as a good practice because the applicant provides all pertinent information and verifies by signature on the accuracy of information. The application form has to provide the required information on pre-employment screening. An employer needs to discuss the suitability of the applicant because it plays a vital part in employees’ pre-employment screening in an interview. The process encourages the applicants to be sincere and makes it easy for employers to establish missing information pertinent to pre-employment process. This is because the process probes candidates on their reaction or additional information and offers a chance to add to the general evaluation of applicant reliability as well as integrity.


Rather than depending on physical evaluation of documentation, the electronic concept seeks to validate employees’ identity by checking as well as cross-referencing data from databases to check for criminal records and credit reference organizations. Even though database checks  do not often confirm if the applicant is the real owner  of the  identity. The process confirms the existence of the identity by testing the personal knowledge on information obtained from electronic analysis. This is to establish that a person owns, as well as the rightful owner of the identity. In instances that a person cannot confirm a noteworthy proportion of the given information and indicates that, one does not own the personality. Testing person knowledge on identity remains as it establishes existence of identity.