Staffing service specializing in internships



This project is aimed at promoting Staffing service specializing in internships for a college town. The targeted audience in this case will be the human resource manager of the college town, the chief executive officer of the college and the board of governors. The project is aimed at bringing to light the cost advantages that come with the application of internship services for the college’s human resource.


Project content


This paper outlines a staffing service program that specializes on internships for a college. The work identifies the targeted audience, the objectives, the benefits of an internship program; the work also gives an audience analysis which elaborates the perceptions of the audiences. The conclusion part gives the summary of the subject under discussion.


I plan to inform the audience why they need to use interns to reinforce their workforce as a cost saving initiative. The proposal will see the college high more interns and at the same time reduce the costs that come with hiring of staff, training, induction, employment. The program will enable the college to establish a pool for future employees of the organization. The college will stand the better chance to foster creativity and innovation through the interns as they will bring in fresh ideas. The internship program will also enable the college to improve its productivity and hence increased accomplishment of the tasks and other projects in the school. The internship program will also part of the college’s involvement in corporate social responsibility by improving the working skills of the students and also ensuring there is available workforce in the community.



Topic Description


An internship program is an initiative pursued by an organization to take advantage of the skills and capabilities of college and university students in the locality. The program is meant to train the students and model them into a productive workforce. The program also ensures the students are introduced into the work environment and thus enhances the level of exposure in the work environment. It is not meant for career development but also to transform the citizens into responsible citizens who can easily understand the way the firms in the economy operate. To the organization the program ensures the firm can easily take advantage of the cheap labor offered by the students and subsequently reduce the cost associated with hiring employees. The program gives an opportunity to the organization to be a responsible member of the society that promotes development of human labor force in the society (Münster).




The objectives of this work are to enable the college’s employees, the human resource manager, chief executive and the board of governors to understand the benefits of an internship program. This document will foster a proper understanding of the internship program and its relevancy to the organization, the students and to the society at large. The other objective of the work is to provide a clear procedure of how the program will be implemented in the organization. An evaluation of the college’s capability to partake the program which should be done subsequent to an assessment of the colleges needs. The assessment will entail the remuneration element for the interns the type of projects or duties that they will handle in the organization. The wide support of the college’s staff, management and stakeholders is vital for the success of the process (Sue, & Shellenbarger).


Audience Analysis


Analysis of the characteristics of the audience will focus on their perceptions and views about the internship program, for instance the employees in the organization tend to have a negative view on the interns as most of them believe that the interns are the future threats for their jobs. Research shows that even though employees exploit the interns by overworking them, they tend to think that their bosses would at one time hire the interns and get them fired. The human resource managers in most instances have a very positive view on the internship program. The manager is always aware of the cost benefits that are associated with the internship program. They are ever ready to give the interns any support as they are pretty sure of increased productivity that they can offer to the organization. The chief executive and the board of governors also have a positive view about an internship program. In most cases the top management of organizations prefers these programs due to the associated cost benefits. The top management in most cases has to comply with the rules put down by the relevant authorities to implement the program and thus promote the element of corporate social responsibility (Timothy, & Noah).





The schedule for implementation of the internship program for the organization will entail the following activities. Promoting proper understanding of the internship program which will be done through research by getting information from human resource books and other related sources. Conduct an evaluation the organization’s ability to handle the program, learning about the legal elements that pertain to internship program through information from relevant sources. These tasks will be done in a span of 1 to 3 weeks. The next phase will include planning and designing the program by first ensuring support from the members of the organization. this is will be followed by a clear design of an internship structure that blends with the organizations culture, enacting a compensation plan for the interns, delegating duties to the various staff members to guide the interns during their internship program in the organization. The final phase of the program will entail taking action by ensuring that the interns are posted in the right departments of the college. The suitability of the interns will also be evaluated and where necessary the interns will be interviewed and the best selected to join the staffs of the college. The activities mentioned above will be attained in a span of 2 to 10 weeks.



Qualifications and interests


Being an administrator who is highly interested in promoting corporate social responsibility by organization in the society, an internship program as staffing service for college ensures the both the society, the intern and organization are able to reciprocally benefit from each other. The college stands the a better chance to enhance its productivity, easily identify its future employees, increase innovation and creativity, enjoy low cost of labor and foster employee retention by reducing high staff turn over. The intern will be to capture and opportunity for career development and thus enhances their competitiveness in the labor market. to the society, the internship program ensures that the labor in the society is highly developed and also foster opportunities for job creations. My interest in this field are fueled by the aforementioned benefits that internship program brings to the society (Sue, & Shellenbarger).



The action plan for the implementation of the internship program will involve all the members of the college from the low level staffs, top level managers and the board of governors.



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