Strategy control

Avon Company

Avon Company has a number of strategies that are used to measure and attain strategy goals. Strategy goals are rudimentary to the company. Without equitable measures of accomplishing the goals and objectives, the company will not be able to perform and meet all tastes and preferences of clients in the market. Moreover, the company will not be able to have a stable economic development that will propel its performance in the future markets. Avon Company uses this notion in order to formulate and implement equitable goals and objectives for use (Williams, 2009).

Accomplishment of the set goals and objectives takes  myriad ways within Avon Company. The company has a systematic approach of setting and measuring goals. Clarification of the goals is necessary as one of the methodological ways of dealing with them. When the goals are clarified, it becomes easy for the performance structures to work within the required pathways of accomplishing the set goals and objectives. For instance, the goal of Avon Company is to trade beauty products to its clients. Prioritizing of the goals is another strategy used by Avon Company in order to meet its goals (Williams, 2009).  Prioritization involves setting activities according to order of urgency and importance so that those of greater importance come first followed by the others. Setting of priorities ensures that the company does not involve in goals or activities that do not contribute to the goal at hand.

Making schedules is another facet used by Avon Company. Schedules and procedures of service that demonstrate what is to be done at any time within the company. Within Avon Company, it is easy to notice whatever is being done. Moreover, Avon Company has build on making successful habits that go in line with the goals and objectives. In order to ensure sustenance of the goals and objectives, the company has established good habits that remind workers of the need to involve in chores within the schedules (Gitman & McDaniel, 2009). Without equitable control of the strategies laid by the company, the goals set will be of no importance.


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