SWOT Table of Ford Motor Company

Strengths Weaknesses
Ford enjoys a positive reputation for product quality Slow response to competitors’ operating and marketing strategies
Ford brand has high recognition rate on a global scale Slow pace of innovation
Company’s large size allows it to enjoy economies of scale Slow to respond to emerging opportunities
Ford enjoys high level of brand loyalty among customers Limited scale of operations as compared to major competitors
Company’s financial resources enable it to withstand difficult economic climate Greater focus on mature markets as compared to emerging markets

Company’s global scale provides good hedge against adverse conditions in one or more of the markets

Opportunities Threats
Expand to emerging economies such as those in Asia Rising competition, especially from Asian automobile companies
Develop more aggressive marketing strategy to revamp image and gain additional exposure Disadvantage against Asian manufacturers in terms of labor and material costs
Invest more in R&D to increase pace of innovation Success of Asian companies in Ford’s traditional markets

Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) image through sustainable business practices and products

Invest more in human capital through improved HR practices