A Comparative Analysis of The Statue of David

Bernini and Michelangelo sculptured the version of David’s. Notable several differences come to the mind of a person when comparing the sculpture of David between Bernini and Michelangelo’s work of art. The differences that are noted are the period, which it was sculptured, the size of the status and the time it was chosen.

Bernini and Michelangelo curved the sculpture of David at different periods and they both used different techniques to portray David as a hero. Bernini and Michelangelo sculptures are based on Biblical scriptures when David was in battle with Goliath. This represents David as a young hero considering he was young during his age. Bernini and Michelangelo have used marble as the construction material and chisel as the curving tool. However all the two sculptures are different from each other? The two sculptures are different in their mode of dressing and they have different postures. The two statues are located at different parts of Italy and the artists made their statues in different heights basing them in different moments of David participating in the battle.