Addiction Effects of Marijuana Use


According to the ONDCP Marijuana Fact Sheet (2006), an estimated 34 percent of people in the United States over the age of 12 have used Marijuana (Cannabis) in their lifetime. The fact sheet also confirms that Marijuana contains 400 different toxins, as well as the active psychoactive ingredient of TCH. The increase of the use of the substance has been reported by recent studies, and according to Steinherz and Vissing (1997) it “is the most widely used illicit drug that teens use”. This brings up the question; does the addiction stick with people for life, and what are the chances of becoming a life-long substance abuser because of starting with Marijuana at an early age? The authors of the current study are looking to answer the above question reviewing the literature and related research.


Forensic Issues in the Treatment of Addictions: Ethical core concepts (PPT)

Forensic Issues in the Treatment of Addictions