Nursing-Capstone: Prevalence of Obesity Among Children and Adolescents

Rate the measurement: – Someone asked, “Can you do Addition?” The response was another question…..“What is one + one + one + one + one + one + one + one + one + one?”  Again the response was obvious…. “I don’t know…  I lost count.” (Measuring Health Outcomes, 2013, chapter, 3). This is an indication as to how complicated measuring health outcomes in a program seeking to address  whether present obesity intervention strategies are ineffective or the target group has not been properly screened for appropriate interventions  can become. It is important to conceptualize what has to be measured. As such, present obesity intervention strategies are a major concept that must be operationalized in this capstone project. From the literature review effective obesity intervention strategies are techniques utilized in health promotion programs, which result in significant reduction in obesity rates among children and adolescents. For the purposes of this project an estimated 20% rate reduction after the first year individually and collectively is an indication of a successful health promotion program.