Native American Slavery

Native American Slavery is a common historical concept that aroused the political proceedings of Americans in the 16th century. Notably, German and United States researchers suggest that European colonialism led to the loss of more than half the population of the Native Americans. The researches proved that the extinction of the indigenous community in the North American was contributed by the brutality of colonialism towards the Native Americans especially through the implication of slavery. Before European colonialist arrived in North American in the 16th century, the indigenous community dominated the region. These indigenous communities lived in stratified farming communities like the Natchez and others who relied on hunting and gathering like the Apache. At that period, more than 50 language groups that incorporated around 300 to 500 languages inhabited North America (Bedoya et al. 4). Therefore, this paper is going to majorly consider how colonization had hurt the first nation people, putting much emphasis on the impact that colonial slavery had on the Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation.