Ameresco: Business Report

Ameresco is the leading provider of energy efficiency solutions for facilities across the United States and North America. Established in 2000, Ameresco was founded by George P. Sakellaris who had two previously successful energy services companies. Since its establishment, the company has thrived, more than 2,000 customers, primarily including government agencies, educational and healthcare facilities, and other institutional, commercial and industrial entities, such as manufacturers and hotels. (Ameresco, 2013) “Their solutions enable customers to reduce their energy consumption, lower their operating and maintenance costs and realize environmental benefits.”(NASDAQ, 2012) Their all-inclusive set of services addresses just about all facets of using and purchasing energy within a facility. Ameresco’s “principal service is the development, design, engineering and installation of projects that reduce the energy and operations and maintenance, or O&M, costs of our customers’ facilities.” (Ameresco, 2013) The business model that Ameresco follows is to provide customers with the best energy efficiency services in all developmental capacities.