American History

American History: Slavery in the South vs. Factory Workers in the North


There are numerous periods throughout history that can be defined by particular events and societal values singular to that specific era.  Similarly, there are also many events and social values throughout history that are circular in nature and repetitively appear in multiple historical periods.  The circular nature of history preserves many themes, values, beliefs, and customs that can be observed through the philosophies expressed by the economic structure and political/legal aspects prevalent within the society.  These similarities and differences can frequently be noted when various aspects unique to the period are analyzed, such as the influence Northern factory workers had on the perpetuation of slavery in the South.  Beginning with an examination of the historical contexts relative to the colonization of America, this discourse will examine the transition from a farming economy to an industrial society to provide a better understanding of the economic, political, and industrial aspects of slavery in the South vs. factory workers in the North.