Political Science

Analysis of Content of Four Articles

  1. Journal of Sport and Social Issues 1999 23: 171 C. A. Tuggle and Anne Owen ‘The ”Games of the Woman”?’ A Descriptive Analysis of NBC’s Coverage of the Centennial Olympics

This study was based on the media coverage of women’s events at the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. It was found that most of the coverage centring on women was in individual, ‘performance’ sports such as diving and gymnastics. It also found that men’s team sports received more coverage than any women’s sports, and women’s power and strength events received very little coverage. Men were more likely to be anchoring coverage, and also were used far more often for onscreen interviews and insight. Despite this, NBC’s coverage was positive in many ways, and helped to raise the awareness of women’s sports, however stereotyped that coverage might have been. The authors identify a more equitable media treatment of women’s sports as being crucial to continue the development of women’s sports in the mainstream media.