Art Analysis Paper Based on Titian’s Bacchus and Ariadne

What makes an art as valuable as it is? One is that of the name of the artist who made it, another is that of the culture it represents, and lastly is the reason behind its making. The painting of Bacchus and Ariadne is a classic representation of Titian’s work of art. Relatively, its meaning and the basis of its message come from a very classical origin which includes the consideration over the popularity of the Greek mythology during the 1500’s. Released in 1520 by Titian himself, this art work was made under the request of the Duke of Ferrara. The duke placed the said work in the Camerino D’Alabstro which was a special room in his mansion dedicated to painted work of arts regarding the classical novels that he was fond of. To better provide an analysis of the said art, three theories should be used as basis for this discussion. One is the formal theory, another is the socio-cultural theory and the third is the expressive theory.