Creative Writing

Analyzing a personal Unsolved problem WCM 610

The problem that I have chosen is not an exception to the norm, but can be considered to be part of the general zeitgeist, which is to say that many individuals of my generation have the same dilemma: the problem revolves around what I am to do with my own life, and what are my own existential goals. The difficulty in attempting to analyze this problem is that the solution depends upon an individual’s own self-exploration: one must ask themselves what they want in life and what will make them content.

Considering the problem, the attempt to approach my dilemma in terms of alternatives is, at first glance, not especially helpful, since the question deals with an individual’s own preferences and choices. In other words, what is problematic is that such preferences and choices in relation to my own life are not especially clear. In this regard, however, perhaps alternatives to being merely faced with this impasse is to consider this time period of uncertainty as a chance for exploration: As I have decided to do, I can begin to study and hope that an inspiration comes to me from my encountering various subject matters and finding out what best fits my own personality.

One of the clear advantages of this approach is that I will be exposed to different alternatives regarding what to do with my life. By studying and working, perhaps I will find a place in which I feel comfortable and then be able to claim this place as my own. The disadvantage of this approach lies in its generality: if I am not specific enough in my aims regarding what I want to do, perhaps I will not find a course of study or mode of employment that satisfies me.

Nonetheless, by considering a wide range of options, maybe the solution lies in experimentation. If I take on a number of challenges, both in the educational sphere and the work place, I may stumble upon a position that satisfies me on a personal level. In other words, I could approach this problem from a positive perspective, using the various opportunities that are presented as an opportunity to find a place where I truly belong.