Anxiety Disorders


The concept of General Anxiety Order (GAD) is essentially that of a mood disorder. It tends to be more prevalent amongst the young. The worries and depression of this can result in a person losing the ability to get proper sleep. In addition it can interfere with the normal functional behaviours associated with daily life activities.

Anxiety conditions may bat of a constructive nature whereby performance can be elevated as result of the anxiety, this often being a reaction or response to fear. The most common anxiety disorders are specific phobias.  Various other types of GAD include that of : (1)  social anxiety disorder ( 2) Post-traumatic stress  (3) Obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxiety disorder  will attack around 5% of the population  during their lifetime. Children in their late teens are a particular high risk group owing to the amount of stressors place upon them at this stage of their maturity. (Schneier, 2006).